Spillway below Lake Lavon


While the area has seen lots of rain lately (3+ inches last weekend) Lake Lavon below the spillway on the East Fork of the Trinity River you would not know it.

There is a fishing per between the spillway and the train bridge on the right. 

The night before we flew well past Dallas to avoid the storms and landed in heavy rain.  I think it was cooler in TX than it was in MI when we left.




THE TRIP – Part 2


After rolling through St. Louis it was off to another 6 or 7 hours down the road.  We stopped in Joplin for dinner and to take a short break.  One’s back side get’s sore from sitting the car for most of the day….. 


Joplin, MO seems like It’s still recovering from the tornado a few years ago. You can still see places where it’s apparent that there was a structure there at one time and now it’s just s slab of concrete. When we came out of the restaurant, there were a bunch of birds sitting on some power lines across the street.  It was amazing to listen to them chatter.  Every once in a while, they would all take off and fly in a clump and then separate and return to the wire.  The birds would hop side to side spreading out on the wire making room for more birds. 

We overnighted in Bartlesville, Ok and then it was off to – Home of Oklahoma State for the weekend.  Rather than travel the main highway, I prefer to take the back roads.  Taking some of the old Route 66 on the way and enjoying the drive.  While you can’t quite do the interstate speeds over long distances this way – you do get to take in more of what America is about.  Small towns, stores, and unique items along the road.   Like passing place on the way to Stillwater.


Arriving in Stillwater is just like coming home for me.  It seems like such a significant portion of my life was lived there and the memories are fond.  Its great to walk around and see the things that have not changed and then discover the things that have changed.  What made this trip extra special is that I have two children, two niece’s, and a nephew all attending school at OSU.  So the chance to have dinner with them and see how they are doing was an extra bonus.  We had dinner at the local steak house and then some of sent out to go .


And then we went out for Ice Cream (well frozen yogurt) at a place called   It a self-serve kind of place, unless you get a “Concrete” which is a harder version of the yogurt (that’s what I went with).


The next morning – we went and checked out the the pre-game festivities and walking though the tailgating areas was fun.  We also walked over and checked out the newly renovated Student Union.