March Solar Production

We had another good solar month in March… The monthly number was as good as September of last year so that was pretty good by my book.  Today we only posted a 4, but then we had snow over night and we started the day with snow on the panels.  It rained most of the day as well, so over all I feel really good about the day.  We also were able to earn our 4th SREC this month.



Last night we had snow, followed by rain.  This morning the snow did not look as heavy has it had last night in terms of covering the grass,  Today the day started looking like this:



Mid Month Solar Numbers – March

So far this has been a good month.  We have had a number of really good days where we are up in the high 20’s (28’s and 29’s) mixed in with the other numbers.  So we are getting really good production right now.  I’m hoping we have a really good number for the end of the month.

The sad thing as of this post is that I may need to leave my solar system behind since my company is looking for me to relocate.   This now represents a number of challenges to see how my solar system plays into selling my home (should I choose to move).  I also need to figure out what to do with my SREC’s going forward.


Solar SREC / AEC Number 3

Today I rolled over 3,015 on my meter, so I’ve earned another Alternate Energy Credit for the end of the month.   We estimated about one every other month when we put the system in and it’s tracking pretty close.  If I would have had a full month of production in July we would be there.  I’m at 265 for the month so far (11.05 / day average) with a week to go.  I know that we have another snow / rain storm moving in so I’m guessing I’ll have a few poor days; however, today with the sunshine I posted 23 for the day.  The last time I had a number this good was Nov. 8th.

November Solar Production

The Monthly Solar Production numbers are in…. as expected, we dropped a little more this month in terms of the monthly number.  But all in all it still seems like its not to bad.



Earned our second SREC (or AEC) today

Today we crossed over the 2,000 Kwh mark for solar production… the means that we earned our second Solar Renewable Energy Credit (or Alternate Energy Credit).  I still have not quite figured out how the SREC Trading works from a functional level.  It seems like there are a number of outlets but there are only one or two that seem to be clear about what they are doing or how to participate.    Most of the other sites seem to want to sign you up for their service where you commit all your SREC’s to them for a period of time for them to aggregate and sell for you.

It seems to me like if you were able to access the market directly, you could determine if you wanted to sell based on the current trading price.   I’m still trying to educate myself on this and search around for what appear to be outlets that are open to homeowners that only have a couple of credits to sell.

At this point, I’m not in any hurry to sell my Credits… I would just like a better understanding of what’s out there.

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