Spillway below Lake Lavon


While the area has seen lots of rain lately (3+ inches last weekend) Lake Lavon below the spillway on the East Fork of the Trinity River you would not know it.

There is a fishing per between the spillway and the train bridge on the right. 

The night before we flew well past Dallas to avoid the storms and landed in heavy rain.  I think it was cooler in TX than it was in MI when we left.




Tornado Warning–Shrewsbury, PA

Wow, today we had a tornado warning for our city… they were projecting the storm to hit between mile marker 1 and 8 (I live at mile marker 4).  The dog and I actually went to the basement… first time in 10 years hear that we’ve done that!

We got our 60 bags of mulch today around 11 AM… just as it was starting to rain.  The nice thing about buying it from the scouts it that they take it off the truck and stack it for you nice and neat on the edge of the driveway.  It’s two less times I have to move it!


It was good that we had the day we did… it pretty much rained all afternoon and evening here.  I managed to get the basement cleaned out and got everything put away and it looks neat and clean.  I still need to run the vacuum down there and clean the bathroom, but it looks pretty good.