Finally some sun!

The past week we have had a lot of rain…. which we really needed because its been pretty dry lately.   But having said that, its spring and yesterday we had rain, sleet, and snow not necessarily on that order.    I just want some sunny 70 degree weather on a weekend where I can enjoy it!



Ready for Winter….

Today when I got home from fishing, I ran the mower around the yard one last time for the season (to mulch the leaves Smile) and run some more gas out of it.  Afterwards I fired up the ‘73 LeMans and pulled it out of the garage to let it run for a while.  I got the snow blower out and got it started up and made sure that it worked ok.  then put the mower on the far side of the garage and pulled the brown car back in.

I cleaned up the garage a bit… moved the bikes and camping gear to the basement.  We can actually get all three cars in, but I just can’t walk past them to get to the outside door (I’m just a wee bit too big).

Hello Deer –

This afternoon we had a deer that wandered into out back yard from the easement behind the house.  We had seen a deer last week in the back yard but it was a doe last week.  Today it was a buck that was in the back yard.  Last Sunday we picked up all the smashed pumpkins and put them back in the easement… apparently the deer really like them!

Pumpkin Surprise

Last Saturday night, we had some kids come through the neighborhood and pick up most of the pumpkins that were out and they proceeded to pitch them out into the street.  I was out around 10:30 PM and everything was quite, but when we took the dog out around 2 AM the pumpkins were all gone off the porch.  We walked down the block picking them up on Sunday morning.


We found one in the yard that did not quite make the street that was in tact.

Sick Dog

Our little doggy has been pretty sick over the last few weeks.  We found out two weeks ago that she has Auto Immune disease that has been attacking her red blood cells.  It was pretty touch and go for the past two weeks as the vet told us it could take a turn for the worse at any time.  We’ve been treating her with steroids and a combination of other medications.

It is rare when she is not interested in food at all…. cheese, treats, meat, and etc. were of no interest for about a week.  Last week I was really not sure she was going to make it.  Her red blood cell count was down to 11 and her platelets were down to 74 at it’s low point.  One of the medications had given her the runs really bad and that did not help things.  As of Saturday, I’m happy to report that the runs have stopped and her red blood cell count was up to 20 and her platelets count was 176.  Her appetite has returned some and she is more interested in food.


While she seems better, she is still pretty weak and you can tell that she is just not her self.  The vet said that we are not out of the woods yet, but she is encouraged with her progress. To read more about this disorder see Meish’s Hope Page.


More Yard Work

The yard is finally becoming done we are close…. Our Little Henry Bushes are planted and Mulched, our bird houses are up, and our service Berry bush is planted in the front.   I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  Here are some pictures over the last couple of weeks.



Home Improvements

Things look like they are coming along nicely. Fall definitely seems to be in the air here. Cool nights and warm days are making it very pleasant.  It’s nice to be out side and have the leaves raining down on you as the gentle breeze blow them across the yard and the trees are really starting to take on color now.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been making some home improvements in the yard mostly, but also added a rug in the office.  It’s nice to see things coming together.  We purchased about 4 Tons of Outcropping Rocks from in Washington Township.


We had a landscaper come out and install the rocks and bring in some topsoil to add to the bed along with raise a low spot in our back yard.  They brought in 4 tons of dirt, which sounds like a lot… but it really is not when you look at it.  We brought in an additional 4 tons after this to finish things off our self.  I think we now have things squared away for the most part.  We are waiting on out tree to be installed in the front flower bed (in the top part of the rock area.  We ordered a Serviceberry Tree which is a multi-stem Tree (or a really tall bush) that produces small edible berry fruit.  We are thinking this will provide some shade and a nice place for birds in the spring.  We hope that the will be out to install the tree sometime next week.

Last week they installed the rocks and back filled in behind the wall as well as took care of our low spot.  They ran out of top soil and used some left over mortar sand to backfill in the flow bed.  We got another 4 tons of 50/50 mix delivered and then moved the sand around to the back yard to fill in some divots in the yard and in the woods behind the house where the ground was uneven.  We then used the good soil behind the rock so the new tree can have better soil to grow.