Spillway below Lake Lavon


While the area has seen lots of rain lately (3+ inches last weekend) Lake Lavon below the spillway on the East Fork of the Trinity River you would not know it.

There is a fishing per between the spillway and the train bridge on the right. 

The night before we flew well past Dallas to avoid the storms and landed in heavy rain.  I think it was cooler in TX than it was in MI when we left.




Northern Lights… from the airplane


After a day in OKC, I had a nice airplane ride home… During the ride home I saw the colors in the sky and decided that I needed some pictures of them…. they were so vivid… especially the red and the deep blues.  I snapped three shots and the next day found out that there was a solar flair that resulted in people being able to see the Northern Lights.


Grand Canyon–On the way home from Vegas

I was able to snap some pictures of the Grand Canyon on the plane ride home from Vegas.  Long flight, long week, I’ll be glad to be home!