The Mom to Mom sale

This is an amazing phenomenon here in Michigan.  I don’t know that I’ve seen it in the other states we’ve lived in.  Its really a good idea…. my wife is drawn to these sales to purchase things for for her classroom.


I am amazed that people will show up on such numbers that there is a line out the door of the elementary school, and around the corner on a cold and rainy Saturday morning.  I am two blocks away watching this parking lot fill up while my wife shops.



Andy Nelson’s

Recently when traveling, I got to stop back in at Andy Nelson’s BBQ. I have always enjoyed eating there… the smoke comes through in the meat, but it’s not to much. If you are ever in the northern Baltimore County area on I-83, I would highly recommend the stop.


Andy Nelson's from the back side at Christmas time.

Moving the office




Today I boxed up my office….  I left some signs to help others.

steve meyer’s location@7:56pm,5/11




steve meyer’s location@7:56pm,5/11 Chicago

In Chicago for a conference.

8 inches

Tonight we got 8” of snow today…  We were supposed to get rain this morning, but it came in as a very wet snow.  We had a break during the middle of the day and then got clobbered again around 5 PM.  It was a long ride home… I’m to tired to post the pictures tonight, so they’ll be up to morrow.

Tuesday Morning Commute

Today we has some light flurries on the commute into the office it was along a few mile stretch of I-83.  I was just enough to see along the side of the road… and screw up the morning commute.  It was really cold (in the 20’s) so I think everyone was being extra cautious.


1/2 a Home Office

We had ordered a new desk set for our home office about a month ago.  I wanted a “partner” type desk arrangement where we could share the office at the same time and both work.  They make “peninsula desks” that serve this type of function with a writing desk between.  The one we picked out at a place called Oak Express was supposed to be in early to mid-October; however, we got a call last week saying that it would probably be another month before our desk arrived.  We decided to get a refund and go with our second choice (pictured below). because they had it in-stock.  We picked it up mid-day yesterday and got it into our study.  We had one component that did not have all the parts and one component that was damaged.  So, those two items went back…. but hey, we have 1/2 an office now!   It was a good thing because my “couple of hours” that was planned work last night turned into and all nighter.   I was not planning on that and with Mason in town on Friday, I’ve not had much sleep in the past three days so that made it just that much more challenging.   I got to bed around 11 am this morning and slept until 4 PM… got a shower and feel human again.. 

The good thing was that since I was up, I got to follow up on Mason who was doing the 20+ hour drive to Oklahoma from PA and Anna who was at the Texas Tech Game with the Band.  They got back to Stillwater around 3:40 am this morning.  She sent me a text and was shocked when I replied right away.


While the office is still a bit of a mess… it’s functional and that’s what counts!  I ordered my Mom and Dad their very own today and had it shipped to them.  I think that this will help Dad manage their small home data center.  He’s been having issues getting backups and things for all their computers and I think the Home Server will help them better manage things (Plus it will give me a mechanism to remote in and help them out when needed).  I’m probably going to need to lean on Mike or someone to help me get it set up.