Eagle Dad’s campout

Mason and I ran out the the Eagle Dad’s Campout at Camp Tuckahoe in Dillsburg.  We went out in the late afternoon and visited for a bit had some dinner with the guys and then headed back to the house.  It would have been nice to be able to go out for the whole weekend, but we had a commitments on Saturday morning.

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The Misadventures of “Mr. Man”

The Venture Crew has a mascot that travels with us to different places.  His name is "Mr. Man".  This is a GI Joe or Barby type doll and he tends to jump off large cliffs, dive into streams, check out fires and etc.  On our most recent trip, he was given the "Spa Treatment"

It’s interesting to watch 17 year olds come up with the misadventures for Mr. Man!

French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 056French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 057French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 035French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 034

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Mystery Camp 2008 is done

Well, this years Mystery Camp "To the Moon" is done.  We had a good time and none of the kids figured out where we were going until Friday night as planned.  Friday night we got a bit of a late start… but we managed to get the tents up before it got too dark.   We left the Scout house in Shrewsbury around 6:45 and needed to stop and get some air in one of my tires and then it was off to camp.  We arrived at around 8:20 PM.   We had a small camp fire and cooked some hot dogs, brats, and sour kraut for a late night snack.

We had some early morning rain (around 5 am) but by 6 am it was partly sunny and we had a nice morning.  We made Breakfast Burritos for Breakfast on Saturday and then had Philmont Dinner #5 (Chicken & Rice, Garlic Mash, and Chocolate Pudding), and Spaghetti for dinner.  The meal planning was pretty spot on… we did not have much left over at each meal.   The crew took the troop on a 6 mile hike and they made lunch at one of the picnic sites around the lake before completing the hike.  Following the hike, we had some down time and kicked back… the kinds played Frisbee near the camp site and did not really want to go fishing until it was dark.  By the time they wanted to go it was really too late.  We made a big bone fire instead and the kinds then went and played spot light tag.

It started to rain about 10:30 PM and we had some thunder storms and it just poured buckets all night.  Amazingly, it cleared off about 6 am and we were able to pack up and head home on schedule.

French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 002French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 003French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 004   French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 006French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 010French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 012French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 013French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 014French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 015French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 020French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 023French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 024French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 025French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 030French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 031French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 032French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 044French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 046French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 047French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 050French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 053French Creek State Park - Mystry Camp 060 

Mystery camp pre-trip


Today we took a ride over to French Creek State Park to do a pre-trip for the Mystery Camp.  We scoped out our camp site (Organized Group Tent Camp #9) and found it to be more than acceptable… it’s on top of the hill in a relatively flat treed area.

French Creek State Park 001 French Creek State Park 002

After checking that out, we went down to the road where you go to the fire tower… it was a pretty steep climb up the road to the top.  We stopped at the picnic area at the top and checked out some of the trails running off the top to the hill.  We make about a 1.5 mile round trip with about a 250 ft elevation change.

French Creek State Park 004 French Creek State Park 005 French Creek State Park 006 French Creek State Park 007

Following our decent from the hill… we went over and checked out Scouts run… Looks like a nice place to do some fishing.  This is right down the hill from our campsites and would make for a nice afternoon of fishing.  We need to make sure that we have trout stamps for this lake.

French Creek State Park 008 French Creek State Park 009 French Creek State Park 010 French Creek State Park 011

We followed around some of the other trails and drove around the park to the main lake down the hill.

French Creek State Park 012 French Creek State Park 013


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Anna gets a job – Woot

Well, Anna has herself a summer job now… she will be working at for the summer in the Trading Post.  She had her interview tonight at 4 PM and was hired during the interview.  She was reluctant to do the trading post thing, but now seems rather excited about it.  She will be living in Popular Lodge during the summer with several other girls who will be working at summer camp.

I think that it’s neat that she will get to spend the summer at Boy Scout Camp working…  I mean she’s been to Philmont and climbed a mountain to 14,442 in elevation… so I think that she’s qualified to work at summer camp.  I’ll miss her this summer, but I think it will be a good growth opportunity for her.

The making of Mash Potatoes

On Sunday, we cooked the

for the Cub Scout Pack associated with our Troop.  We had fifteen eye round roasts, 60 lbs of potatoes, 6 Institutional sized cans of corn and 6 Institutional sized cans of green beans.

We started cooking around 9 am by boiling potatoes and cooking the roasts.  Dinner was served at 1:30 PM at the local fire hall down the hill from the scout house.  It was a long day, but always rewarding.  I snapped a picture as they were finishing off one of the pots of Mashed Potatoes…..

We typically don’t tell our wives how "men" cook… it’s good to have tools that can serve multiple functions!



3rd Annual Eagle Scout’s & Dad’s Camp out

We have an "Adult" camp out in January for the Eagle Scouts and their Dad’s.  We make arrangements to go to a scout camp for a weekend of cabin camping… the primary focus is for the adults to be able to share a weekend of camping and the Eagle Scouts if available are welcome to tag along.  This year we were at the Cedar Cabin at Camp Tuckahoe near Dillsburg, PA (our local Council Camp).

Eagle Dad's Campout 010

It was good to see everyone since we don’t often have a chance to get together anymore…. we had two guys that went off to college about 5 years ago and worked all their summers at Philmont.  We had a late night of catching up… it was good.  Friday night, we had Chili and Hot Dogs and played cards.  It seemed like we could not get the cabin warm with the wood stove… most of the wood was either green or wet.

Eagle Dad's Campout 011

On Saturday, we took a field trip to the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA.  They have done a really nice job of displaying artifacts and they have multiple presentations throughout the museum that explain things.  I would highly recommend this if you have the opportunity to make this stop.

Eagle Dad's Campout 012 Eagle Dad's Campout 014 Eagle Dad's Campout 013 Eagle Dad's Campout 015

Once we got back to the cabin, it was time for more games and / or a nap before dinner.  For dinner we had chicken, potatoes, salad, and cobbler.  I was in charge of the cobbler…. I love that stuff, mostly because I get to use my Dutch Ovens.

Eagle Dad's Campout 016 Eagle Dad's Campout 018Eagle Dad's Campout 021 Eagle Dad's Campout 020Eagle Dad's Campout 022Eagle Dad's Campout 025