A sad day at Oklahoma State today


Another sad day for the Oklahoma State University family.  Our hearts are heavy today for all those impacted at the Home Coming Parade by this event in Stillwater.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the killed and injured.


Working class…


A few years ago when I went back to Oklahoma State for homecoming, a fellow has this old orange truck with a complete OSU bar in the back.  But the truck is what struck me the most.  A working class track still on the job after all these years. It was not “restored”, but more preserved… with renwed purpose and second a second chance at a more leasuerly life.  We’ll cared for and loved, a treasure in time.

My Day with “little people”

Today we went over to with Bethany’s class.  Today was the last weekend for the “Babies” program where they have all the animals that were just born out for the kids to see, touch, and pet.  It was a lot of fun… they have a working Dairy Heard, Horses, Sheep, Chickens, Ducks, and etc.

The neatest item was the seeing eye pony – that’s right a seeing eye pony.  This woman uses this little horse to lead her around because she is blind.  We talked to her for a bit and she told us a bit about the horse and her situation.


We also have a guest for the afternoon – Miss E.  She is quite busy these days and very talkative.

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The Mom to Mom sale

This is an amazing phenomenon here in Michigan.  I don’t know that I’ve seen it in the other states we’ve lived in.  Its really a good idea…. my wife is drawn to these sales to purchase things for for her classroom.


I am amazed that people will show up on such numbers that there is a line out the door of the elementary school, and around the corner on a cold and rainy Saturday morning.  I am two blocks away watching this parking lot fill up while my wife shops.


Final Images from OSU

These are some of the last pictures that I took at OSU before I had to leave.  I wish I could have seen all the home coming decorations at all the houses; but I got to see them turn fountain orange, see the theme posters out on the library lawn.  We good to see the kids and fun to be on campus for the weekend!


OSU Day 2

Today we had a good day at OSU… we had I-Hop for breakfast, cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch, and Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  During the middle of the day Anna and I walked around campus and stopped at Café 88 for some special bubble tea.

We got to see the fountain at the library turn orange as the dyed it for homecoming!


Visit to OSU

So, I’m visiting Oklahoma State this weekend on the way home from a business trip.  While is hard to be away from things trying to finish up with the house, it’s great to be with the kids and have a good time.

We walked campus for a bit this morning and then ordered some pizza and watched the OSU game.  It was great to see the game with the kids, we all enjoyed it.  Then after the game we went shopping and got stuff to make foil dinners (Cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, ground beef) and went out the the lake and had a picnic and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.

As evening settled in, there was a storm that was rolling in… lots of lightning and thunder, and half-dollar hail (little did we know that it might have been Texas Tech rolling into town).  We took the cars over to the parking garage and then hiked back to Mason’s apartment to watch the OU Vs. Texas Tech game on TV.