All Geared Up….

Ok… So it will be an Orange day tomorrow as we get geared up for the OSU Football game… I’m really hoping that

a) it’s televised in Detroit

b) we keep the power on long enough to see the whole game.



Mamma, Make your boys grow up to be Cowboys!

Way back in 1989, was Mason’s first exposure to being an Cowboy!  This was taken at the 100th anniversary picnic of the OSU Police Department.  When I was at OSU I worked for the department as a Cadet Office (Parking Enforcement / Traffic Control).  Way back then they had a manned booth on either end of Monroe Street to restrict traffic coming through campus.

Hard to believe that all these years later, he (and his sister) are there at OSU.

Grow'n up Cowboys

He might look a little intimidated, but I think it was just a long day for a up and coming Cowboy!  Go Pokes!