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Sign says steep hill – where?


This sign about 2 miles from the house indicates a “Steep Hill”…. I’m just not seeing it.    Where I come from it would say “Dip”.

Evening Rally–Just before the Bedlam Game

Last night we went to the Pre-Game session in front of the that the band does before they march down to the field.  This was nice because all of the tailgating is in full swing and the smells of food cooking hang in the air on a pleasant fall evening.  The Drum Line and the Front Ensemble warm up and play several percussion only selections followed by the full band.


I took some additional video until it got to dark and then I switched over to just still pictures.  The sound quality may not be as good due to the generator that was running a short distance away; however, when the band played I think it probably was louder than the generator.  I’m amazed at how fast there hands move during the exercises


Bedlam Game Day – Cowboy Marching Band Warm up / Recording Session Video

14 Min Video of 2010 Bedlam Warm Up Session

Bedlam Game Day – Cowboy Marching Band Warm up / Recording Session

This morning, Anna and I walked over to for lunch before she had to play her warm up session at the which is right across from .  I snapped some pictures before they came out and then after they were playing.

I also took several short videos. which I will post later.

OSU Cowboy Marching Band–Nov. 26th Practice Session

Tonight we went over to see Anna practice before the Bedlam game.  Normally they practice early in the morning the day of the game; however,  because ESPN Game Day is here to televise the game the stadium is busy in the morning, so practice was moved to this evening.  They will be doing a pre-game warm up at the mid-day tomorrow and another show around 4 PM there as well.

I also captured a 6 minute video of a run through of the show from the stands.


Oklahoma State University Cowboy Marching Band

Before they took the field they practiced some of their music from the stands because they were doing maintenance on the filed.