A walk in the woods

Today we went over to to walk a few trails as an Easter treat… it was a really nice day and got up near 80 degrees.  We went looking for a few of my letterboxes.  The first one (Apple Pie) was missing.  It was in probably the most public spot of all my boxes (At the park amphitheater).  But it had a good run.  We found Nut and the last time it was found was October 20, 2010.  We were off to find the others but then the trail got really muddy and we decided to head back home rather than wade through the muck.


Thanks to The Royal Fish, the Rail Trail Boxes Stay

I got an e-mail this week from   and she offered to take over the maintenance on my Rail Trail Letter Boxes in the event that I need to move out over the area.  This was a really nice gesture and I really appreciate it.  The last thing I wanted to do was to leave my boxes unattended; however, knowing that they would be cared for makes me confortable leaving them (, , , and ) behind for others to enjoy.  I’ll need to check in on her to see how things are going.  I can’t thank her enough!

I pulled my Mystery box () out of it’s location near Reading on Sunday.  That box was an hour away and it was always a chore to find time to check in on it and see that things were ok with it.  I find that if my boxes are about 20 – 30 min away, I can usually get to them a couple of times a year to check on them.

Run, run, run….

Today I ran over to Philly to pick up one of my letterboxes and retire it.  It’s interesting I planted it in 2006 and only 5 people have found it.   After leaving the park I rolled up to Reading and stopped at Daniel Boones’ Homestead and walked around a bit.IMAG0642 

There is a really nice picnic area near a creek and a group cabin on the other side.  It looked really nice on the inside.  I walked down by the old farm house, but I did not spend the money to do the inside tour.

They had a number of “Easter” activities going on for kids where they could make old time Easter decorations.  There were a number of people wandering around in period costumes.  After leaving, I drove through Reading and did a drive by on the Pagoda and then headed home.

I got home about three o’clock and started to spread my mulch.  With the help of the boy next store, I got 54 bags put out.  So six bags to go…. and two flower beads.  I don’t think I’m going to make it without buying more.

I also took apart the air hockey table… I think I found someone to take it off my hands.


Pappa Bear–Retiring Letterboxes

Pappa Bear will be retiring some or all of his letter boxes in the near future.   With the prospect of a job relocation to another state, I’ll be picking up my boxes and retiring them over the next month.  I’ll be starting with my mystery box tomorrow.

Next I’ll focus on picking up the boxes on the Rail Trail, and finally the ones out in .

The Crawling Crab

Well, “The Crawling Crab” hitchhiker has now made two complete round trips to Oklahoma.  I’ve taken it twice now to try and get it planted in a box out west and both times I’ve had things that interfered with my plans to get this hitch hiker moved to another state far, far away.

This time between car troubles and illness I did not make it out to the trail.  I’ll need to release this a little closer to home and let him start his journey.  I know it’s hard when you have a hitch hiker and you don’t see sight of it for a long time.

A Thanksgiving Adventure

I drove over to Reading, PA today to check on some Letterboxes.  My Mystery box looked like it was in good shape.  The dog and I had a great walk by the creek and enjoyed the views.  We were gone most of the day but had a nice time.   The morning started out very foggy… I don’t know why, but I really enjoy a foggy fall day.  By the afternoon it was mainly overcast, but pleasant.


Thanksgiving 2009 024 Stitch 


The box was in good shape, but only 4 visitors since it was planted in 2006.  It’s such a nice walk… and I really don’t think the clues are too hard… but if your reading this… this is what you are looking for!

Thanksgiving 2009 023


Checking on Letter Boxes

Yesterday I made the rounds over at Codorus State Park to check on some of my letter boxes.  I had a report that my Turkey Day Letter Box had been opened up and parts of it on the trail.  I walked through and found the bottom of the box that Turkey Day was in about 10 yards away from where it was hidden.  I did not find any other parts… so I’m hoping that the log book and the stamp are together.  The other boxes all seemed like they were in good shape.

One thing that I was amazed by is the number of downed trees on the trails… It took quite a bit of time to walk around the trees on the trees.   I took some pictures.


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