PA Solar Numbers

Since the relocation to Detroit, I’ve not been able to get my daily readings.  But with the help of our old neighbor, I’m getting monthly readings that let me back into the daily numbers.  With all the rain they had in PA at the end of the summer and then the October snowfall, my numbers seem really off from where they were last year… but understandably so.



August Solar Numbers

Solar Number on the PA home for the month of August.  Since I’m not living there any more,  the neighbor is helping me track the production and I’m getting the daily average for the number of days since the last reading and backing into the monthly production number.


June Mid-Month Solar Numbers

These are the mid June numbers…. in looking at this I just realized that I never posted the end of May numbers.


May–Mid-Month Solar Numbers

We’ve still had a fair amount of rain in May and the mid month numbers are not quite where I’d hoped they would be.  It will be interesting to see where we end the month.


Month End Solar Numbers

We had the rainiest April on record this past month… so we did not post great numbers but it was not bad all things considered.


Mid-Month Solar Numbers–April 2011

We’ve had lots of rainy days this month and it seems like we have been off to a slow start with our solar production…. I’m hopeful that we will still have a good month because when we do have sunny days the numbers are in the high 20’s so there is the potential to make up ground.  The forecast for the next several days is still looking like rainy days ahead.


March Solar Production

We had another good solar month in March… The monthly number was as good as September of last year so that was pretty good by my book.  Today we only posted a 4, but then we had snow over night and we started the day with snow on the panels.  It rained most of the day as well, so over all I feel really good about the day.  We also were able to earn our 4th SREC this month.



Last night we had snow, followed by rain.  This morning the snow did not look as heavy has it had last night in terms of covering the grass,  Today the day started looking like this: