The House

We are getting very close now….  it’s been a tough couple of days, but things are finally starting to wrap up on the house.  Yesterday they had the carpet all down, stair case spinals in (except a few that were damaged) and the Geothermal system running.  I had not seen the house with electric on until this week and it is looking pretty good.

The geothermal system is AMAZINGLY QUIET… it is so quiet I need to go over the the vent to even tell if it’s running.  I turned the heat up just to see if it fired up and got lower and it did not…. you just get  a constant breeze from the ducts…. you hardly know its running.  it was in the 40’s here today and it was nice and toasty warm inside with the thermostat set at 70… it felt warmer than that; I guess It could be because of the humidifier that is attached to the system.  But I’m thinking I’m going to like it.

I don’t think we are going to get to close this week; however, I think we may haul the camper out and put it in the drive way and get our stuff out of the hotel and up at least to the house (if not in it) until we can close.  I’m thinking right now that we might be able to do that next week sometime if the bank can process things quickly.  The builder called them to set up the final inspection tomorrow and if it passes that then we are just waiting on the paper work to close.



Planting some shrubs…

We went out to the house today and planted a couple of shrubs since they did the final grade.   They will come back in sometime in the next week or so and put the sprinkler system in… but right now, most of the home centers have there plants 70% off here so we decided to take advantage of that and pick up a few things.

While we were out there this morning I was able to talk to the Geothermal installer for a while..  they have the water furnace installed and ready to go.  They will be putting in the final duct work next week.  It will be nice to have a SERR 30 unit once we move.   The thing I find most intriguing is that there is no outside unit at all just the one in the basement.  Hopefully we will get the meters from DTE to turn up the system.  I concerned that the smart meters may hold things up.


Its coming together now…

The house is starting to come together now on the inside.  They have all of the granite in except for one slab in the master and one in the guest bath room… It looks pretty good.  They are also putting in the plumbing and electrical.   They are almost finished with the final parts of the siding.

One thing I learned about my Geothermal system is that they put in two meters… one is dedicated to the Geo system and the associated gear.  I get a 50% discount on my electric on that meter off the normal rates and I get the time of day rate with the seasonal adjustments.  I’m thinking that this will be a really good deal for me as well.


Radio Thermostat

I’m excited to say that I’m able to use my Radio Thermostat (CT80) with my Geothermal unit.  The feature that I like about this best is that you can manage it from your home network, internet, or cell phone.  That’s pretty awesome!


Well Test

They were testing the pressure on the wells over the weekend…..


More Progress on Geothermal

We stopped by the hose today and checked in on the Geothermal system.  They have dug the trenches and penetrated the foundation for the water loop from the wells to enter the house.  They have not connected the wells to the carrier hoses that enter the house.  They dug about 6 – 8 feet down between all the wells and have the hose in the hose now to be connected.

We also got the stone for the bay window for the dining room and the house numbers.  We can’t quite visualize how this is going to look on the house, but I suspect that we will know soon enough.

Our flush mount lights and celling fans showed up today at the Hotel… I can only imaging what they were thinking when they got all the boxes.


Geothermal Wells Completed

We now have five Geothermal wells in our yard.  I’m a little surprised that they are as close together as they are but there are three of them not far (about 5 feet)  off the property line in a row and then about four feet over the other two are together.  Each well is about 4 or 5 feet from the next well.  In the pictures below each coil of hose runs into a well and then the ends will be run to the house to feed the water exchanger. The top of the well is cover in some kind of cement.  I’m not sure if they pumped it to the bottom or if it just covers the top of the well.  I’m looking forward to see how much dirt they put over the top of the hose.