Nice day for grilling

Dinner on grill 60 degrees and sunny – time for steak, potatoes, shrimp, and a loaf of warm bread!.



Ice Flows

At Port Huron on St. Clair River.  Ice is breaking up and coming down river.   You can see how quickly the ice is moving!





Port Huron Payoff


Well, Fishing at finally had a payoff for us…. The day started off around 8:00 AM at 12 degrees and warmed up to around 20 degrees by 3:00 PM.  Cold, but worth the time outside!

I got a new Rod and Reel combination for Christmas – a Bill Dance Spinning Reel Catfish Combo.  It’s a medium to heavy weight pole and an open face spinning really.  Pretty much what I was looking for to fish there in Port Huron.  I got my fish at 8:30 am on the first cast with my new rod and reel.  What a nice treat!  The only think I don’t like about the combo is that I’ve not been able to figure out how the reverse on the reel works.  Normally there is a switch on the reel that prevents it from going backwards; however, this one does not have that kind of a switch.   It will lock, but I’ve not quite figured out what makes that happen.

The second fish we took around 2 PM – we were just discussing leaving for the day and then the rod went crazy again.   Both very nice fish… it will make fore few nice meals.



Fishing @ Port Huron Board Walk

I took a day off on Monday and went fishing in with my neighbor.  We had a great time – the temperature was in the 40’s and there was virtually no wind (well at least that we felt).   The wind was only a couple of miles an hour and out of the west so behind the building we were out of it.  The water was very clear today and a beautiful blue color.  I’m still amazed at how clear it is and that you can see the bottom 30 feet down.  The past few times, it was out of the east or the north and you got cold after a few hours.  We tried fishing the other end of the area that we had been fishing.  The current was much faster in that area.  We went from 2 oz. to 8 oz. of lead and the line was still being moved by the current.  When we were talking to the guy at the bait shop he told us that we should be using 1.5 lbs. to 2.0 lbs. to fish in that part of the river.  Unless we come further down the wall where the current slows down.

I think we found the sweet spot on the sea wall to fish.  Based on the four times we’ve been there on spot on the wall always seems to yield a catch while we are there.  Next time, that’s where we are going to start out.  We were talking to a fisherman at that spot on the wall when his rod bent over – fish on!   He was able to bring in this 27 inch Steelhead and we helped him land it with the net.  Once we got it on the deck, he asked us if we wanted it…. he had caught another one about an hour earlier and he said he would only eat one, because he had a freezer full of Walleye at home he did not want another steelhead – he thought the Walleye tasted better.  He also shared some of how he was rigged up with his pole, so some new ideas to add to our next fishing trip!


December 17, 2012 Ship Traffic @ Port Huron on the St. Clair River

My Location@11:20am,12/1

My Location@11:20am,12/1
100 Merchant St, Port Huron, MI 48060

Went Fishing again in and had a good time – for December it was not too bad with temperatures in the the 40’s; however, with the 7+ Mile an hour wind it seemed much cooler.  We were able to talk to some other fishermen there and there were some that had caught fish that morning (one really nice Brown Trout) just down the walk from where we were.  So we know there are good fish there; however, we did not catch any.  We did have about an hour or so where we were getting some bites… but not quite able to get one hooked!

The day started out kind of foggy and damp, but not all that unpleasant.  There was a “jingle bell run” going on for the first hour or so while we were there.  Towards the end of the morning, the sun started to peak out and it looked like by the afternoon it might be much nicer.  But your really can’t complain about this type of weather in December can you?


While we were there, I took several pictures of ships as they passed by – it gives you the scale of the water we are fishing on the .


Port Huron Ships

This is the same ship a little closer up – you can get a better sense of how much water it is pushing as it moves up river (against the current).   You also get a sense of how long it is and it takes some time to pass through the viewfinder of the camera.

Capt. Henry Jackman

Weekend Fun

Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron, MI

We took a ride this weekend back up to to see what was there in town.  I drive down to the bridge to see if the water had cleared up any and it had – it was much more blue than it was last week.  I’m still amazed at how swift the water runs in this part of the river.

Although we drove around town a bit we did not stop in to any of the shops.  It seemed like there was more there when we were fishing, but really we drove in and out just taking note of the building as we passed.  Sad to say that it did not pan out to do a little local shop hopping.  I would like to go back and see the Ice Museum some time.

One of the places that I thought looked really interesting was Sperry’s.  Looked like it was an old department store or something… but seems like it’s been a while since it saw customers – although it did have caroler figures on the awning.

Port Huron, MI

We drove back along the all the way down to New Baltimore before making our way west to the house.  It was a nice drive (if you like that sort of thing).


Today we made our way over to near the house and walked the which makes it way round the edge of the upper lake by the Nature Center.  It was a nice walk at just under two miles, but seemed to go by really quickly – left you wanting just a bit more.  It’s nice weather here with temperatures near 70 degrees today (but very windy).  Several folks have mentioned snow next week but I can’t really imaging it to be honest based on how warm it was today.  But like any place else, the weather can change on a dime.