Weekend Fun

Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron, MI

We took a ride this weekend back up to to see what was there in town.  I drive down to the bridge to see if the water had cleared up any and it had – it was much more blue than it was last week.  I’m still amazed at how swift the water runs in this part of the river.

Although we drove around town a bit we did not stop in to any of the shops.  It seemed like there was more there when we were fishing, but really we drove in and out just taking note of the building as we passed.  Sad to say that it did not pan out to do a little local shop hopping.  I would like to go back and see the Ice Museum some time.

One of the places that I thought looked really interesting was Sperry’s.  Looked like it was an old department store or something… but seems like it’s been a while since it saw customers – although it did have caroler figures on the awning.

Port Huron, MI

We drove back along the all the way down to New Baltimore before making our way west to the house.  It was a nice drive (if you like that sort of thing).


Today we made our way over to near the house and walked the which makes it way round the edge of the upper lake by the Nature Center.  It was a nice walk at just under two miles, but seemed to go by really quickly – left you wanting just a bit more.  It’s nice weather here with temperatures near 70 degrees today (but very windy).  Several folks have mentioned snow next week but I can’t really imaging it to be honest based on how warm it was today.  But like any place else, the weather can change on a dime.



Stony Creek Metro Park

On Sunday, we went over the and took a hike around the nature center.  What a nice day for a walk, it was in the 70’s and just beautiful with the fall colors.


Macomb Orchard Trail

Macomb Orchard Trail, Washington, MI 48095


Paint Creek Trail

We took a walk today… it was cool (almost cold), but it was good to get out.  We will need to come back and explore this a little more when its warmer.


River Bend Township Park

River Bend Township Park
Charter Township of Shelby, Michigan

We went for a walk today at River Bend  Park.   It was cool, but nice at 35 degrees.



This almost reminds me of the NCR trail in Maryland.

An afternoon out

My maintenance at work finished earlier than planned (by about 12 hours), so I decided to go and explore Detroit a bit today.  I started out around 1 PM and headed for right outside of Detroit.  I walked around this park and snapped a few pictures.

Then I drove down Jefferson to the East a bit and drove over to … I was amazed at how big the island was and how much was there.  Things that I saw today on :  A Cricket Game, SCCA Auto Cross, Fountains,  Picnic Grounds, Model Boat Lake, Fishing Lakes, Zoo, Boat Club, Conservatory, and a

After spending time on Belle Island, I drove down town to the (where GM’s has it’s Headquarters’)   I walked the show room in the building then walked out to the and walked south along the river enjoying the view.  There were a number of jet ski’s in the water and a bunch of small boat traffic.  There were also some ferries that seemed to be on the Canadian side of the river,   There was also a paddle wheel boat, The that was making it’s way north and a freighter going south

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I would like to share a track with you

I’ve been making my “mail run” on Saturday mornings to pick up my forwarded mail at the post office.  On the way out there I pass by the and decided to stop off and walk one of the trails.  I walked from over to across the river and visited the .  I went in and looked at the exhibits and then walked a couple of the trails out behind the Nature Center and came back.  Then I walked back toward the car and started recording my track on my Phone (Below).

: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=201894766818462811530.0004a9d97169b106e47a8

I had a nice walk and got some pictures along the way. 

I’ll need to go back and explore this park some more next weekend.  After leaving the park, I went by the house to get a couple of pictures of the brick in the light.

After that, I went back down to Warren and went to the store ( – It’s like a Wal-Mart)  and picked up some groceries for the week.

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