More like fall

Today we had our first frost here in SE Michigan.  It a cool crisp morning, but the sun on your face make it feel so good out.   The temperature is 33 degrees, but it does not feel too bad out really.





On Friday the doctor gave me a couple of prescriptions and said that by Monday I’d be feeling like a rock star.  And he was not joking… OMG these are wonderful.  He gave me and .  The first one is in a 6 day blister pack then the second one is loose.  By the end of the first day taking these my foot feels much better only slight discomfort and now halfway through the second day it feels “almost’” normal.  I can still feel a bit of tenderness if I step on it the right way, but in general I think I could walk on it with out much if any discomfort.

Tomorrow I get the test results back to see if they need to do longer term medication to control my uric acid level.  Still finding lots of contradicting information on diet… it’s all vey confusing really.

Got Gout?

Over the past 10 years I have had periodic foot pain.   No one has been able to quite put a finger on it.  Pain in the ball of my foot and the metatarsal bones on top.  This would show up overnight unexplored and without warning.   Diagnosis was “general metatarsal pain” which is somewhat unsatisfying.  Then a couple of years a go they thought it was a possible Motons Nerouma.  Then I had one toe blow up unexpectedly and the thought possibly Gout, but never got a firm diagnosis.  Last week I had he ball of the foot pain return… it started off slight on Sunday and by Tuesday it was all I could due to press the accelerator in the car to get me home.  I was using my left foot for breaking and felt like I had chills.  Got home and went to bed.  Wednesday I went to see the doctor and she prescribed some Naproxen which helped and then sent me home for the balance of the week to stay off the foot as much as possible.  She also mad an appointment with a foot and angle specialist for Friday.  After a 15 minute exams and some x-rays he c confirmed no stress fractures and no neuroma of any kind.  He said I had classic symptoms of Gout and ordered some blood work to confirm.  He prescribed some steroids and another medication to stop the attack until the can assess my uric acid levels.

I hope I can put a face to this finally.  In the limited reading I’ve done there se wins to be a lot of conflicting inforation on diet.  Best advice right now seems like eat healthy, low proteins, low frutois items.   Oh yea, loose weight.

Fun with XBOX

We’ve had some fun with our new Xbox 360 with Kinect over the past two weeks….  I love the post game montage’s



Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

Thank goodness for heating pads….

I slipped coming down the stairs this morning and caught myself kind of weird.   I did not think much of it at the time, but my lower back has been killing me all day.  Tonight…  Ibprofin and the heating pad are my friend.


We saw stupid a bit ago and she was in recovery, but still very out of it.  I think that she knew we were there… She let out some little wimpers as we were talking with the doctor.   They had some little blankets on her.  Tomorrow we are going to take a fleese blanket over to the vet so that she can have something from home.

The doctor said that she was doing good all things considered.  She ha a corn cobb the size of your thumb stuck in her intestine.   The last time we had corn was back in September and we don’t remember her getting into the trash, so how she got it is a bit of a mystery at this point.