Post Card Detroit



Fun with XBOX

We’ve had some fun with our new Xbox 360 with Kinect over the past two weeks….  I love the post game montage’s



Monday Night Football – Lions Vs. Bears

I got the opportunity to go to the Lions – Bears game at Ford Field.   My boss got a suite and took members of the team to the game.  It was pretty awesome!     The suite was split about 50/50 with Chicago / Detroit fans… I was probably the only person in the suite that did not have a “favorite” team on the field.   But it was nice to see the “home team” win.


Watching O-State Football with friends!

There is something to be said for watching football with your friends.  While the game was not pretty, Oklahoma State won the game… I wish my “friend” would stop snoring…



Pictures from the field (Thanks Anna!)


Somewhere in Hell there’s a man in a cowboy hat handing out ice water….

I know that there are a lot of OU fans that are having troubles digesting today’s BCS Poll rankings (well any football ranking for that matter)..  It’s nice to see up at number 10.   I just know that it’s not snowing in hell yet…. but there is a guy in a cowboy hat handing out ice water and taking orders for coats.