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I really hate when "vendors" put a random track back to their site on my blog.  It’s one thing if a person is really interesting it what you have to say and want to link to that content.  It’s another if they are using it to build up "links" or drive traffic to their site from mine.

For a while, I had all kinds of sites selling this or that that were putting up track back links to my posts.  I finally resorted to only allow track backs from other MSN Spaces users.  About a month ago, I opened that up for track backs from any where.  Since then, I’ve had a training vendor tag about three entries for no apparent reason with the comment "test".  Which could seem innocent enough the first couple of times, but I get the feeling that this is just a ruse to put up links to the vendors site.

Advertisements – Products/Wireless/Basic Networking/Bridges/WET54GS5

The SAGA continues…. I’ve got most of my network put back together; however, I’m having difficulty getting this bridge connected (Linksys WET54GS5).  I’ve got some other PC’s in the Basement that Iv’ e got hooked to a switch that I’m connecting for storage and etc.  I get everything put in ok; however, it will talk to the WRTP54G that I have upstairs.

More late night pain as I try and figure it out… but I’m sure it’s a very simple solution. 

Link to – Products/Wireless/Basic Networking/Bridges/WET54GS5

Talking about Re: WRTP54G DNS Resolution – VoIP Routers – Linksys Community Forums



Re: WRTP54G DNS Resolution – VoIP Routers – Linksys Community Forums

Problem resolved… Vonage pushed the new update to my router.  All is well now!

1 New Router – 1 Wasted Day

 I drove down to Maryland today to pick up a replacement router so I could net the home network back in service after last nights problems.  I was able to direct connect my computer to the Internet this morning via the cable modem and do some checking.  I decided to get the Linksys WRTP54G which seems like a good replacement.  This will give me an upgraded wireless, 4 ports of Ethernet, and 2 phone ports for about $110… not too bad.  It looked like, according to the website, that Best Buy had them in-stock down in Towson, MD which is about 35 min from my house. 

When I got there, I looked in the networking section and could not find the router.  I asked one of the guys in the department and he told me that they keep the VOIP routers over by the phones.  So I went and looked over there.  I did not see ANY routers over there wireless or otherwise.  I found someone else and asked them and they told me they were all sold out of them (so much for trusting the website for in-stock inventory).  I then drove down to COMPUSA about another 5 miles down the road…. it was kind of the same thing there, they are with the phones and not the networking equipment.  I got their last one. 

By the time I got back to PA, half the day was gone… but installing the wireless router should be quick, right?  Not for me… I got everything hooked up and configured in a snap.  But I was having trouble getting out to the internet.  Works ok from the cable mode… no workie, from the router.  Crap!  In looking at this a little longer, I would ping out by IP Address just fine.  From PC to Router, From PC to Gateway, From PC to Carrier, From PC to Known Internet Address.  So the connectivity is fine, looks like a DNS Issue.  I tinkered with the settings a bit longer trying to figure out what was going on and then gave up… I just hard coded the DNS on the PC Adapters for the time being and I’ll come back to that.

Next up… get the phone working.  I called tech support to give them my MAC address.  After providing all the customary information: Pone Number, Address, E-Mail Address, Dog’s First, Last and Middle Initial to provide security verification, they were able to put my MAC address in and push the configuration to my router…. wait, they are having troubles getting the software to go.  So for the next couple of hours, I worked with Vonage Tech Support to get my phone working.  I would either get no dial-tone or a fast busy.  The guy at the second level support had me plug a pone directly into the router… bingo, got dial-tone.  He was talking about having two phones crossed up… I’m thinking cable plant problem (yuck).  This means that I’m going to be chasing cables around my basement for a while.

I’ll come back to that….  So now with semi working phone service and semi working internet, I’ll go back and search for an answer on my DNS Problems.  Low and behold, there are several folks having the same issue (yea I’m not alone in the universe).  The answer the the problem is so clear, it’s posted on the Vonage Website.  Only one small problem… my router does not have the DNS Proxy Entry on the screen.  This must mean that there is some kind of firm ware upgrade for this router…. yep sure enough, there is a thing called a GPL Download.  My only issue now is… how to download it, because every time I try, the page times out.

Yep, this has been the perfect waste of a day…. but at least I have a couple of items "semi accomplished"!

When VOip Isn’t

Last night we had a "networking meltdown"…. My VOip Linksys router died, taking all of the Internet access with it.  It appeared to be running; however, it would not provide DHCP Addresses any longer.  I power cycled it, reset it, cursed at it, power cycled it again, all to no avail.  So I finally broke down and called tech support… All I wanted to know was – If I buy a new one, what do I need to do to activate my Vonage Phone Service Again?

Simple enough right…  I explained that the router was not providing DCHP Service and I was outside the warranty period.  I wanted to see what I needed to do to to turn up a new router.  So the Technician wants to "help me troubleshoot" the issue.  I thought, ok maybe there is something that I missed.  We went through all the steps that I went through… then a couple of long periods on hold.  Then they had me connect the WAN Port to one of the Ethernet ports (to make a loopback) and try an connect thorough one of the other ethernet ports… another long period on hold.

Then they come back on-line to ask me for my information so they can look up my service and equipment options.  I provided the information and then they came back and told me that my warranty had expired on the equipment (I think I told you that already)… and that there was noting they could do for me.

So…. my original thing was, this equipment is broke and out of warranty… what do I need to do to replace it…. oh by a new one and call us back with the MAC Address.  Man, if you could have given that to me an hour ago, I would not feel like pulling my hair out now!

Talking about Writer Zone



Writer Zone

This looks like an interesting tool; however, if you are using the Word 2007 Beta there is really limited need (unless you’re away from your primary computer).  It look like it contains a lot of the same features and functions that word offiers with the blog posting template.  I’ll give this a whirl over the weekend from one of my other computer to see how it works.

Help Desk Message

This is one of the truly greatest help desk messages of all


“Effective momentarily, our website will be down for
approximately 1 hour for routine maintenance.  We will advise when it is up and
running again.  Please alert your staff.  Thanks!”


Keep in mind this was for a production system running nation
wide external customers at 11 AM.