Windows 8 Tablet

Last week I ordered a tablet from the Microsoft Store… I got it in three says with standard shipping.   I am very pleased with the product so far.



WIFI Thermostat–Very Cool!

I was looking to replace my current household thermostat and I was doing some research on thermostats and there are not very many that have the “IP Connectability” that allow you to connect and control the thermostat from your computer.  There are a few that tout “wireless”; however, this seems to be more talking about remote controls (like your TV) and remote outdoor thermometers.  The other product that I’ve seen that appears to do something similar to the is the Thermostat; however, the price point seems to be much higher for this product.  The CT30 and the are the same product (just re-branded to 3M)



HP Announces the end of the HP Media Smart Server Line

I saw over on the Windows Home Server Blog that .  This is somewhat disturbing because it is one of the commercial hardware vendors that makes this product relevant for the novice users.  The other item along those same lines is the Technology.  Both of these items allow a user to have a server class experience without being an IT Expert (or knowing one)! 

For the do-it-yourself type person, this probably would make much of a difference; however, I think that Microsoft will be selling the “Home” market short if they make these changes.  They might be able to hang onto the “Home Office” market assuming that these folks have some larger support organizations behind them.

It will be interesting to see if this is the beginning of the end for “Home” Server.

Home Server Recovery – Rebuild

I’m more and more impressed with Home server all the time…  I had built my first Home Server on my daughters old PC (and e-Machine PC).  I had a power supply that failed on the PC.  I ordered a new power supply and got it in and went to power it up and just got a lot of nothing.  Apparently when the Power Supply fails on that brand of machine (or at least that model) it typically toasts the motherboard.  Well…. that was not a good thing.  I also had an HP 775e that was running Windows XP…. so I removed the disks in it and transferred over the disks from the Home Server.  I had trouble getting the machine to come up and recognize the new hard drive so I was hoping that I could “repair” the install with the CD (like you do with Windows Server).  When I started the PC with the CD in it… it did not give me a repair option… it started with “formatting drive”    At this point, I had resolved myself to the fact that I’d lost all my data; however, to my surprise after a few hours of working on the server I got all the disks up and my data was all there!

I had to re-load all of all of the drivers on the HP for the NIC and various other peripherals…, re-install the add-ins, and then I had to add all of the users and set up the Web Page again…. but I HAD MY DATA!  By the end of the day I had the Home Server up and running and my PC’s backing up again.  I had to re-install the connector software on each PC to get the backup going… but that’s pretty minor. 

I spent the rest of the day today getting everything back in it’s place and cleaned up… this is a picture of My Home Server the way it is today!



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Twitter – I don’t get it?

I looked at Twitter for a a short time tonight… I just don’t get it.  Seems like just random thoughts that are not necessarily connected.  I can’t quite grasp the organizational concept.  This must mean that I’m getting old Sad

Home Server

The Microsoft Home Server product seems to be up and working well… after some initial trouble getting the secure web services to work (for the remote login portion) all seems well now.  I found two Microsoft KB Articles 941913 and 941914 that appeared to relate to my problem.  You need to request these from Microsoft.  When I ran these hot-fixes, both came up as not needing to be installed; however, afterwards things started working perfectly.  The only thing that I can think is that there was something with the certificate that was corrected by attempting to run the Hot-Fix.

I’ve put some links to the troop site on the home page .

I’m pretty happy with the basic functionality… I wish that it had some better integration with Media Center; however, that seems to be a common complaint.  There are add-ins that seem to provide some of that functionality.

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Poetic Spam


Wow, This is the first spam I didn’t mind reading…. it was kind of poetic (But who the hell is Helmuth?)


Hi, Helmuth

A tender flower is crying on the cold rain and blowing wind. It needs protection… I feel like this now… Cover me with your warm hands and kiss me with your tender lips and I will be yours… If you are looking for something, if your heart misses something important…write to me… my heart is lonely… let them meet…

Have a nice day