The Trip Back

Well it’s time to leave and head back to Michigan.  We had a good day yesterday and enjoyed our stay in Ohio.

20130526_102611_S Memorial Shoreway Dr

We took one last drive downtown and then past the waterfront on the way out of town to say good by.  I could not pass up a picture of this grocery store with the big Sandusky on the front.  On the way back we were traveling on Ohio State Highway 6 and as we crossed the next peninsula I wanted to drive the loop and see the lighthouse at the end of it.

Little did I know that we would really enjoy the stop at near lakeside.  The day was in the upper 60’s and a light breeze and very sunny… just a perfect day to be out at a park.  We wandered around and took in the lighthouse and the shore line.  When you think of Ohio, you don’t often think about a body of water that looks like an Ocean….

I’ve posted a video with the sweet sounds of the shore – now if you could only add the smell of salt in the air you might think you were looking at the Greater South Bay in NY….  Watching the ships travel along the shore.



Ohio Adventure

We took, a ride down a ride over to to drop our daughter and a friend off at to enjoy the day.  We took the “new car”, our 2008 Saturn Outlook, for it’s first long road trip to put it through it’s paces. 


We left around 6 AM for the 3 hour ride over to Sandusky.  There was virtually no traffic the whole way over to Sandusky and it was a nice ride.



After dropping them off, we took a run down to Dalton, OH to which is another 2 hours or so south east of Sandusky.  The ride was pretty running into areas that remind you very much of PA.  The buggy’s on the highway are another reminder of the Amish influence on the area.  Lehman’s sells things for “non electric living”.  I always enjoy these kinds of places where you can see the primitive cooking and other implements.

The stove section –


W went through the kitchen area and got some pasta cutters, cookie cutters and other implements.  I was able to spy some potjie pots made by at – now I know where to get one without mail ordering them… but they are still $150 for the size that I would like.


After doing a walk through we went to the small rural grocery store next to Lehman’s and got some local brewed ginger ale and some locally roasted nuts along with some sassafras candy for the trip back.

We got back to Sandusky and checked into the hotel, got a bite to eat and then went down to the water front to watch the passenger ferry.

We drove around to a couple of different spots on Lake Erie and enjoyed the views and took in the sights.  We went back over to Cedar Point at 10 PM to pick the kids up.  Cedar Point takes on it’s own look after dark.