Port Huron Payoff


Well, Fishing at finally had a payoff for us…. The day started off around 8:00 AM at 12 degrees and warmed up to around 20 degrees by 3:00 PM.  Cold, but worth the time outside!

I got a new Rod and Reel combination for Christmas – a Bill Dance Spinning Reel Catfish Combo.  It’s a medium to heavy weight pole and an open face spinning really.  Pretty much what I was looking for to fish there in Port Huron.  I got my fish at 8:30 am on the first cast with my new rod and reel.  What a nice treat!  The only think I don’t like about the combo is that I’ve not been able to figure out how the reverse on the reel works.  Normally there is a switch on the reel that prevents it from going backwards; however, this one does not have that kind of a switch.   It will lock, but I’ve not quite figured out what makes that happen.

The second fish we took around 2 PM – we were just discussing leaving for the day and then the rod went crazy again.   Both very nice fish… it will make fore few nice meals.