Hello Deer –

This afternoon we had a deer that wandered into out back yard from the easement behind the house.  We had seen a deer last week in the back yard but it was a doe last week.  Today it was a buck that was in the back yard.  Last Sunday we picked up all the smashed pumpkins and put them back in the easement… apparently the deer really like them!

Steelhead Fishing at Port Huron

This Morning I got up at 5 am and drove over to to go fishing with my neighbor.  It was about 45 degrees this morning when we left the house to head north about 45 min.  We had breakfast at Tim Horton’s right off 94 at the Blue Water Bridge crossing into Canada.


We checked out a spot on the north side of the Black River which looked pretty good.  We decided to drive around to the south side of the Black River and decided to set up and fish outside of the .  Nice place, there is a café in the building, restrooms, and there was a farmers market there on the south side of the building.  When we got there, we were one of three cars in the parking lot but when we left there was about 4 or 5 dozen cars in the lot.  But we were the only ones fishing there.

We spent the first part of the morning fishing at the the mouth of the Black River looking across into , Ontario Canada.  There was a pretty strong wind coming down the St. Clair River from Lake Huron and after a few hours we decided to move up the Black River a bit to fish on part of any old railroad bridge that had a deck and benches on it.  It was much better out of the wind, but still no bites.

When we decided pack it in for the day, we drove around to the other side of the Black River and talked to some local fishermen that were not having any luck either.  However, based on the conversation…. we were in the right spot!


Stony Creek Metro Park

On Sunday, we went over the and took a hike around the nature center.  What a nice day for a walk, it was in the 70’s and just beautiful with the fall colors.


Pumpkin Surprise

Last Saturday night, we had some kids come through the neighborhood and pick up most of the pumpkins that were out and they proceeded to pitch them out into the street.  I was out around 10:30 PM and everything was quite, but when we took the dog out around 2 AM the pumpkins were all gone off the porch.  We walked down the block picking them up on Sunday morning.


We found one in the yard that did not quite make the street that was in tact.

Wolcott Mill Metropark

Sunday we drove over to to drive through the par and see what it was like.  The park is only about 10 miles or so from the house so it’s pretty close.  This metro park is broken up into a couple of areas.  The first area we went to was Wolcott Farm.  The farm is a working dairy farm and it’s pretty neat in terms of seeing how an actual farm works.


After walking the farm, we drove over to the Mill site which is a mile or so away and walked through the mill.  I’m looking forward to going back when the weather is nicer and then talking a walk on a few of the trails.  Looked like it would be a great place for Letter Boxes!


And how do you end the perfect day out –


Sick Dog

Our little doggy has been pretty sick over the last few weeks.  We found out two weeks ago that she has Auto Immune disease that has been attacking her red blood cells.  It was pretty touch and go for the past two weeks as the vet told us it could take a turn for the worse at any time.  We’ve been treating her with steroids and a combination of other medications.

It is rare when she is not interested in food at all…. cheese, treats, meat, and etc. were of no interest for about a week.  Last week I was really not sure she was going to make it.  Her red blood cell count was down to 11 and her platelets were down to 74 at it’s low point.  One of the medications had given her the runs really bad and that did not help things.  As of Saturday, I’m happy to report that the runs have stopped and her red blood cell count was up to 20 and her platelets count was 176.  Her appetite has returned some and she is more interested in food.


While she seems better, she is still pretty weak and you can tell that she is just not her self.  The vet said that we are not out of the woods yet, but she is encouraged with her progress. To read more about this disorder see Meish’s Hope Page.


More Yard Work

The yard is finally becoming done we are close…. Our Little Henry Bushes are planted and Mulched, our bird houses are up, and our service Berry bush is planted in the front.   I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  Here are some pictures over the last couple of weeks.