Cooking up a roast tonight

We are going to have a dutch oven roast tonight.   I browned the meat then tossed in some garlic and onions and let them brown up.  Then added some beef bouillon cubes and two cups of water.

I’ve moved it all over to the coals and now just need to wait a couple of hours.




The Deck is looking good!

We got home on Friday night late and I was surprised at how brown the lawn was… we did not get much rain here in Michigan while we were gone.  I got the sprinkler system working last night so we have watered twice now and hopefully the grass will come back.

On a brighter note the deck is looking more finished.  They poured the concrete and finished the fireplace. Now we just need the rails, and the electrical, post caps, and the pot hanger…. can’t wait to try out the new fireplace.



Lunch – what a nice day


Aldo’s is closed– :(

We had a long travel day today… we were going to spend the night in Shrewsbury, PA and see some of our friends.  But it seems with the holiday weekend many of them were out of town.  As usual, concerns over stupid (aka Daisy the dog) have us adjusting plans.  We did manage to take in lunch at Anna’s favorite Chinese restaurant – Emerald Garden in Shrewsbury.  I took this picture of the square in Shrewsbury on the way out of town.


We were saddened to learn that Aldo’s Pizza had closed.. we had planned to eat there as well for lunch, but since it’s closed, we opted instead for Emerald Garden.  There is a new pizza place called “Cuz’s” that there, but we decided not to try it and hold the fond memories of Aldo’s.

We stopped out at Brown’s Market as well to pick up some Shrewsbury Cakes and I wanted a couple of bottles of Naylor Wine; however, Browns does not carry it now since they make their own flavor.   We got two bottles of that to try out.


Passing through… Wish we had time to stop and sight see… I love this place.


Day 9 – Sailing

Nice weather today for the last full day on the ship.  We had a good time, plenty of sun and a smooth ride back to Baltimore.


As the day draws to a close it’s time for our final meal in the dining room…

Day 8–Chops Grill

After a day of walking around Newport and not getting to see all that we wanted to see, we had dinner with friends at Chops Grill on board the ship.  Dinner was great (at least what I had)…. a very tender steak.

But I think that desert was the real hit….


After dinner, it was time to take in a show and then have a walk about deck before turning in for the night.