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2012-03-23–Spanish Aero Car @ Niagara Falls, CA

The price….

We just got back from Canada – Trip to Niagara Falls.  I always have a good time going to CA. I’m fascinated at how similar yet different things are between our two countries.  Its just the small things like the signs that say that the seat belt is “compulsory”.  But everyone there always seems so friendly!

One thing that I have noticed recently is that the cost of things in Canada seem to be much more expensive.  Food was about twice what it is in the U.S.  The comparison is pretty good right now since that the Canadian dollar and the U.S. Dollar are about equal.  We had dinner last night at the Outback on the Canadian side…. we ordered smaller steaks than we normally do (8 oz special) and they were about $29 each.  Soft drinks were $3.25 each.  I’m used to paying about $14 for the 11 oz special. 

Gas is about $1.29 a liter (or about 4.88 a gallon).  We paid $4.09 a gallon across the boarder in N.Y.

Final Day at the Falls

Morning came to our final day in Niagara Falls, CA.  We went and had breakfast at Denny’s across the street from the hotel.  When we booked the hotel I was thinking that it was a bit further away from all the fun… but turns out it was in a great location not far from everything.  If you wanted to you could walk to most of the attractions and the falls.  You are about two or three blocks from and maybe six blocks to the falls.

After breakfast, we went and checked out and then headed down to the falls area on the Canadian side and drove the road next to the falls to take in the sights.  I took some pictures of the falls from up high by the Casino.


We drove down to the and was surprised that it was running in March.  We talked about riding the car; however, I needed to make a phone call for work and we did not feel that we could spend the time to do the attraction… I needed to be over on the U.S. Side of the boarder to make the call or pay the .69 cent per min charge for making the call from the Canadian side of the boarder.  The whirlpool area is so expansive that it’s really hard to take it all in… I took a bunch of individual pictures and then stitched them together to get a better feel for the area….


After seeing the whirlpool, we went over to the American side to see the falls from that side.  We went to Goat Island (below) and you can get down close to the water from the park as it goes over the falls.




Niagara Falls State Park

Niagara Falls State Park
1 (716) 285-3892
333 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14301

Niagara Falls, CA

We decided to take a ride over to Niagara Falls, CA.  We got a late start to to the issues with the dog from the night before (but she’s ok – still stupid).  We stop in Strathroy, ON CA and ate at the and ate lunch on their patio.  It was in like a very old post office…. the food was really, really good and the weather could not have been better.  It was sunny and in the mid 70’s with no wind.  A perfect day.


We got back on the road and started driving east on 402…. I was having a hard time because everyone was sleeping and the road was extremely boring during this stretch of road.


Once we got into Niagara Falls, we started to settle in and have fun.  We checked into the hotel and took some pictures from out our window then headed down to the falls to check it out.  We walked around for a while, but most of the shops had closed (it’s off season)


We ate dinner at the Outback in Niagara Falls… the menu prices are much more expensive in Canada than they are in the US for the same type item.  I’m not sure if it’s just the taxes or if things here are just that much more.  After dinner, we walked down and road the Ferris Wheel and then walked a number of areas between the river and the hotels