Paint Creek Trail

We took a walk today… it was cool (almost cold), but it was good to get out.  We will need to come back and explore this a little more when its warmer.


Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

Redsmoke Barbecue

Redsmoke Barbecue
1 (313) 962-2100
573 Monroe Street, Detroit, MI 48226-2932

Snow at the homestead

Friday night we had some more light snow, maybe an inch or an inch and a half.  It started around five so I was able to get home and enjoy the snow fall.

Saturday morning we got up and I showed Bethany how to use the snow blower.  We are now all set for “the big one” if and when it ever happens!

Thank goodness for heating pads….

I slipped coming down the stairs this morning and caught myself kind of weird.   I did not think much of it at the time, but my lower back has been killing me all day.  Tonight…  Ibprofin and the heating pad are my friend.

My trip to the Airport

I really miss going to (KTVH) and sitting outside the FBO watching the planes come and go… having a hamburger and watching all the planes come up and park outside the restaurant.  I find it really enjoyable to sit outside and just watch the planes come and go.  I’ve posted about the York Airport in the past in some of my .

I wanted to see what looked like it’s only a few miles from the house.  It was kind of strange… Its surrounded by dirt roads, but the airport facilities looked really nice.  The runway’s end is like less than 100 feet from the dirt road and as I drove past, a plane came right over the top of the car and landed.  I did not see the FBO office and the way the airport was laid out I did not feel comfortable driving in around the hangers.  I did find online after the fact an of the airport and I think I spotted the FBO beyond the hangers and farm house.

I drove over to which is right off a major road.  They have a nice terminal building; however, there never appears to be anyone there.  I drove out there and saw a couple of planes land and take off again