Oh No–She did it again

Our dog (a.k.a Stupid) did it again… she ate something that she should not have… and had to have surgery again in Oklahoma.    I wish I knew why she feels this urge to eat anything and everything.


Tried out the new Snow Blower

We had about 2.5 inches of snow today and the snow stopped flying about 4:00 PM and we got a little bit of sun…. I went out and figured I would shovel the drive way and get ready for the morning.  I did all around the truck and dusted that off by hand and was thinking there really was not enough to run the blower, but then I thought it would be better to tested out with a little light rather than at 5:30 in the morning some morning.

I was glad I did… it took me a while to get it started and running, but I know what to do now.  I also needed to adjust the feet on each side of the blade box because they kept hitting the joints in the concrete and stopping the blower abruptly.  I used it to do the driveway on the slowest setting to get a feel for it and then put some salt out on the walk and steps so I should be all set for the morning.

I came in and cooked some sausage and potato’s (fired them up together) and had enough for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  Now its time to do my laundry and get all set for the week!

Just a wee bit of snow

We were supposed to get snow overnight last night and it seemed to hold off until about 9 am this morning.  It’s beautiful watching if fall… not to fast, but it seems like it picked up in the last hour our so.


City Tour of Lexington, MI

I thought this was nicely done!

Traveling the Thumb

Today was kind of a slow day… I got up early and cooked a nice breakfast and then did some work related items.  I had a headache and decided to take a short nap and see if I could make it go a way (it helped, but not gone).  Then I decided that I was going to explore a bit and take a ride.  There is a community airport () just east of where I I live… I wanted to see if it looked like a better airport to watch planes come and go….


I must have missed the turn and decided to just keep going… I was looking to make a loop trip up the west side of lake Huron from up to and check out a couple of camp grounds for this spring / summer.

At Port Huron, I got off of US 94 and drove the down and took a couple of pictures along the looking over at Canada.  On a nicer day, I could see sitting along the river and watch the ships (like the one pictured below) go up and down the river. 


After a short stint on the river front, I drove north on M-25 which runs right along the edge of Lake Huron.  The one thing that really strikes me is how deep emerald the water color is in Lake Huron.  You can actually see the the different colors as the water gets deeper and it looks so beautiful when the sunlight hits it.  My pictures just don’t do this justice.

I checked in at my first state park () which is just north of Port Huron.  While the camping areas were closed and locked up, I was able to drive into the park down to the gate and get a feel for the park.  There seemed to be a lot of thick trees in the park and I saw a bunch of deer from the road.  They were very interested in me and followed me as I backed up to take their pictures.


I stopped off in several little villages and checked out some county parks.  Since the winter has been pretty warm here, there is not much real ice on the lakes; however I did find one guy Ice Fishing in a boat basin under the watchful eye of a county park employee in .


As you can see there is come ice up against the shoreline, but for the most part it’s all open water.  I drove a little further north up the Thumb to Port Sanilac.  This is a place I’d like to see when the water is a bit warmer…. I actually walked the peer out to the edge of the break water.  There were wind gusts up to about 30 / 40 MPH and on the walk back in it was cold enough to take your breath way.  While the air temptature was 33 degrees, it still felt brutal with the wind.  As you can see from the pictures below the ice in the harbor here had broken up and did not look all that thick… made me wonder what the guy was sitting on down at the the other spot to the south….   I would not want to be swimming today.

This is one of the picnic groves along the lake (county park) along the road.  I don’t recall the actual park name.


The trip up to the top of the Thumb was noting short of fantastic as far as the drive went.  The ride home, not so much…. coming down the center of the Thumb on M-53 (Van Dyke Ave) is primarily open farm land down through (home of the ) and beyond.  While in the spring and summer I would think this pastoral landscape would be ideal to drive, in the winter with a 30 / 40 MPH wind blowing west to east it meant blowing snow across the road and long stretches of drive pavement broken up by short stretches (about 1/4 mile from time to time) of straight sheet ice from the blowing / melting snow on the road.  I’ve got to say it kept your attention while driving.  I had one time where the back end of the suburban broke loose and fish tailed pretty good… didn’t want to do that again!

Below are a couple of snaps of the road just before I got to Bad Axe.  I wish that I could have gotten one of the blows where the snow blew across the road.


overall it was a fun day… but I got home and went to bed.

Bethany Vs Ken Block Racing


2012 Detroit Auto Show


We had a good time at the yesterday and we saw lots of … we got to ride in the 2013 Chevy Malibu ECO in the basement.  I would have liked to ride in the Volt, but the line was a bit long.  There was also a couple of cool displays at the Ford Exhibit.

We had lots of fun in the Ford display, and the Lincoln display was really good too.  There was a lot to do in that area of the show.  While I’ve never really been a “Ford Guy” I have to say that there were a couple of cars what might have me reconsider the purchase of a Ford.  The 2013 Ford Fusion is one of them.  Lincoln also have a few intriguing designs that would would make me look close at them (See Below).  Above is an antique car in the Lincoln exhibit.  


At the GM Area, they had several concept cars… below are two cars that they are testing out on the show crowd.  You got to pick the car you liked the best based on a button that you picked out of bins between the cars.  This would let them know which concept had more appeal.  Personally I like the red one the best….



and then some things just for fun…. They had a two seater concept (like a giant Segway with a cover over it) and then possibly my favorite the “Hot Wheels” Edition Camaro complete with track.



There were other cars at the show that were pretty awesome from the other manufactures as well.  There were the Bentley’s and other $375,000 cars