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Philip F Greco Title Co 1 (586) 412-5400 45707 Village Boulevard, Shelby Township, MI 48315-6069


Tomorrow is the big day….

I’m so glad that the journey will be drawing to a close this week… we got the approval to close tomorrow and the movers show up on Thursday!


Today we are un-shopping…. taking back the black Friday bargains that didn’t make the cut.


Sapporo 1 (480) 607-1114 14344 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254-4071

Cross the boarder – steve meyer’s location@3:06pm,11/26


steve meyer’s location@3:06pm,11/26 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48216

Occupy Windsor, ON?

We decided to drive over to Windsor, Ontario this past weekend to check it out.  It’s just across the river from Detroit so we thought it would be a fun day out.  We crossed over through the and the crossing was quick ($4), but the traffic coming the other way looked really bad.  Once we got to the other side, we stopped in at the tourist center in Windsor.  In the park behind the welcome center, was the Occupy Windsor movement… the 99% was there (about 2 dozen tents),


We had lunch at and had some great Fish and Chips!  Bethany really enjoyed them… it’s worth another trip back.   We also drover around and saw where they make Windsor Canadian Whisky…. I did not get to go in and do the tour, but maybe when Mason is home for break!  We also went to the which is a large bulk food store.  On the way home, we crossed over the and got a bird’s eye view of the Detroit River. 

Crossing back into the US is always interesting… it’s always more tense then when you cross into Canada.  Going into Canada, they just asked how long we planned to stay and what we planned to do.  On the way back, they wanted to know where we went, the name of the place we ate lunch.  They opened the back of the car and went and check where the spare tire was… and then came back and asked where we went to college.  After all the questions, the they told us to have a nice day and we were off!


PA Solar Numbers

Since the relocation to Detroit, I’ve not been able to get my daily readings.  But with the help of our old neighbor, I’m getting monthly readings that let me back into the daily numbers.  With all the rain they had in PA at the end of the summer and then the October snowfall, my numbers seem really off from where they were last year… but understandably so.