Daylight savings time coming to an end

Daylight savings time coming to an end.


Daylight savings time coming to an end

Daylight savings time coming to an end.

Pictures without floor covers

We took some pictures of the inside of the house today so we could get some better light on the floors and other areas.  While these are not the best pictures, they will have to do for now.  We arrived and there was a workman putting in some final shelves in the closets so we kind of tried to stay out of the way.  We ran out and got two bar stools for our island and put them in the house and then snapped a couple of pictures before we went back to Warren to get the brown car.


Don’t Leave Me!

We are still not quite in our house yet, but we needed to move out of the Hotel today.  After 4 months or so of living there I guess the dog was kind of upset to see everything being put on a cart and wheeled out the door… the third trip in, she got on the cart and refused to get off of it… I guess she was making a statement that she goes with all the other stuff!


We have the camper pulled up in the driveway of the new place right now and we are camping along side the house… we are currently waiting on the bank to approve the closing (or not) so we should have a closing date we hope very soon.

Finishing Touches

We stopped out at the house to day… a bit disappointed that we could not move in this weekend.  We are waiting final inspections from the lender and city so we can close on the house.   We did decide that we would move out of the hotel this weekend and make the camper out home for a time.  The cost of the hotel room + the cost of storage would be too much for us to do on a go forward basis.  I think we are about a week out from being able to close so we decided to bite the bullet and just do it. 

We moved all the food we had in the frig at the hotel out to the house and when we arrived the cleaning people had been out to do the final cleaning.  Which was nice because we could finally see the floors with the cabinets and granite.  It was kind of dark for the us to take pictures and get a good sense of it…. so that will be tomorrows task.

The had our shudders in the garage all painted up and I’m assuming that they will be putting them up Monday or Tuesday.


We also have a bunch of construction trash in the garage… this is like the third round of this… they pile it all in the center of the garage and then the periodically empty it out.  Most of it is boxes, paper, carpet pad, carpet scraps, and wood scraps…. but it looks awful until


The House

We are getting very close now….  it’s been a tough couple of days, but things are finally starting to wrap up on the house.  Yesterday they had the carpet all down, stair case spinals in (except a few that were damaged) and the Geothermal system running.  I had not seen the house with electric on until this week and it is looking pretty good.

The geothermal system is AMAZINGLY QUIET… it is so quiet I need to go over the the vent to even tell if it’s running.  I turned the heat up just to see if it fired up and got lower and it did not…. you just get  a constant breeze from the ducts…. you hardly know its running.  it was in the 40’s here today and it was nice and toasty warm inside with the thermostat set at 70… it felt warmer than that; I guess It could be because of the humidifier that is attached to the system.  But I’m thinking I’m going to like it.

I don’t think we are going to get to close this week; however, I think we may haul the camper out and put it in the drive way and get our stuff out of the hotel and up at least to the house (if not in it) until we can close.  I’m thinking right now that we might be able to do that next week sometime if the bank can process things quickly.  The builder called them to set up the final inspection tomorrow and if it passes that then we are just waiting on the paper work to close.


Northern Lights… from the airplane


After a day in OKC, I had a nice airplane ride home… During the ride home I saw the colors in the sky and decided that I needed some pictures of them…. they were so vivid… especially the red and the deep blues.  I snapped three shots and the next day found out that there was a solar flair that resulted in people being able to see the Northern Lights.