Fireplace mantel is finished…

We went out to the house today to take a look… they pulled all the doors off in preparation for painting.  They have all the paint in the hallway by the garage.  It’s nice to see it coming together.  We stopped by the carpet place today to take a look at our carpet and decided to change it a bit for one with a bit more color in it.  They are putting the best pad that they offer in the house so that was good to hear.  We did hardwood in most of the downstairs except for the living area (I like to lay on the floor some times).  The mantel looks really nice and the finish carpenter did a nice job.

Today we finished buying our light bulbs (combination of CFL’s and LED’s) for the house.  We also bought our temporary mailbox (complete with bucket and concrete).  Tomorrow we will go out and set it up near the entrance of the addition so they can start delivering mail next week.  They will not set up the permanent one until the neighborhood is built out.


Watching O-State Football with friends!

There is something to be said for watching football with your friends.  While the game was not pretty, Oklahoma State won the game… I wish my “friend” would stop snoring…


The Cabinets look good…

We stopped by the house tonight and the Cabinets look good… most of them are up as of tonight.  While we were checking them out, the finish carpenter stopped in and was asking us how we wanted the shelves in the master closet.  They also did the acid wash on the brick tonight.   There are a few spots that look like they need to be repointed; however, I’m sure they will clean that up for us.  In talking to the neighbor they had the same issue.


More House Progress

So, the cabinets are all in the  house and some have been installed.  I really like the color of them…  They also have the finished up the stairs and putting up the trim.  It seems like the the fire place mantle is one of the last items the trim guy has to do.  Outside they are putting up the siding… but with all the rain yesterday, they did not get very far.


More House Progress

We stopped by the house last night to check on the progress… we see more progress every day.  Our cabinets were not yet in, but they did have most of the doors hung and there is a better view of the concrete work.  They are starting to put the wood caps on the staircase. 

We got to meet our neighbor Corey, he seemed like a really nice guy.  We talked a bit and compared notes on the houses…  His wife and one year old sun were not with him last night.  So we will look forward to meeting them at some point.  He was in his house installing Cat 6 cabling.  I think we’re going to get along just fine.   They are looking to move in in the next week or two as well.


We have concrete…

Concrete is is down… the guys were there still working on it when we came by, so we went and had dinner and came back.  It was just about dark when we got back….  I really like what they did with the sidewalk.  The inside is moved along big time… the carpenter has been putting the trim, window ceils, and doors up all around the house.  He looks like he’s about 1/3 to 1/2 the way through the house.  The tile seems like it’s just about complete in the house some minor stuff to finish up.  The siding was in the garage… it will be interesting to see what gets done over the weekend.


The house is moving along SLOWLY….

The house moving along… We have tile down in all the bath rooms now, garage entry, and laundry room.  They also tiled the showers yesterday and started  hanging the doors inside the house.  I’m digging the closet doors, they are full sized double doors that open out into the room.  I was expecting something more along the lines of a bi-fold doors.

We are supposed to get the cabinets in at the end of the week… we picked out all the granite for the house today.  Then they measure for the granite cuts the next week and then install them the next week.   This would put us right up against the closing date.  In talking with the builder, it seems like we may push back into the first or second week in October.