Geothermal Wells Completed

We now have five Geothermal wells in our yard.  I’m a little surprised that they are as close together as they are but there are three of them not far (about 5 feet)  off the property line in a row and then about four feet over the other two are together.  Each well is about 4 or 5 feet from the next well.  In the pictures below each coil of hose runs into a well and then the ends will be run to the house to feed the water exchanger. The top of the well is cover in some kind of cement.  I’m not sure if they pumped it to the bottom or if it just covers the top of the well.  I’m looking forward to see how much dirt they put over the top of the hose.



Two Geothermal Wells…

We stopped by the house on the way home and it looks like they had two of the Geothermal Wells drilled in the back yard.  There should be a few more to go before they are done.   The drywall is up on the inside of the house and they have all the mudding done…. they are supposed to prime all the walls early this week and put down the tile the latter part of the week.

Camping Pictures–Addison Oaks County Park

We went camping at County Park this weekend.  The weather was beautiful… 80 degree days and 60 degree nights.  We actually ran the heater in the morning for about 10 min to knock the chill off the camper.


First Dutch Oven Meal in Michigan



Tonight is our first Dutch Oven meal in our new state.   The last two parks we have been to have the same type of fire pit.   It’s better than a a truck tire rim, but still trying to decide how much better…..

steve meyer’s location@10:47pm,8/26 – Camping this weekend!



steve meyer’s location@10:47pm,8/26 Romeo, Leonard, MI 48367, Michigan

Sagebrush Cantina–Lake Orion, MI

Tonight we ate dinner at the in , MI.  If you remember the shredded beef at BoBo’s Cantina in Stillwater, OK, they had meat just like that… it was delicious.   We had an hour plus wait to get in for dinner on Friday night, but it was good.  While we were waiting there was this cool old building across the street and I really liked how the light was hitting it.


Addison Oaks County Park

Addison Oaks County Park 1 (248) 693-2432 Ste 1, 1480 West Romeo Road, Leonard, MI 48367-3745