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Doing laundry

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Progress on the new place…

We decided to do the GeoThermal HVAC system in the new house.  They are going to need to drill vertical wells, so it will cost a bit more but it’s probably still a pretty good thing.  While the outside does not look like there have been a lot of visible changes that will soon change.  We got word on Friday that they were getting the brick for the house and the scaffolding is there outside of the garage.  They removed the big pile of dirt in back and spread out the dirt.  We can now see the property lines pretty clear.  They also pored the slab in the basement so that’s looking a lot more finished now.  They are also pulling all of the electric right now through the house.   We also made a change to the downstairs bathroom and put in a shower there so in the event we have company we can accommodate someone that can climb stairs.

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Staying Close

I’m on call this week so I need to stay close to my computer….  I got up early to insure that I was ready when the business kicked off today.  I ventured out after 9am once I knew they’d been running for an hour or so.  I went to the Warren Post Office and picked up my mail… they had a wad of it for me!  Then I drove up to Shelby and picked up my mail there.  After picking up the mail, I drove by the house and the electricians were in there working.  I snapped a couple of pictures and then headed back to Warren on the highway.  I’ll head out later and see if I can walk the inside.


On the way home, I stopped off at Wal-Mart and then picked up some groceries, a VGA cable, and a power strip.  So I can try and get the home server up and running…. then I stopped by the camper and picked up our TV so I could use it as a monitor for the Server.


While its not pretty, it works and I can backup my laptop again plus I have all my files available again!  I also went through the mail and paid the few bills that I had and did a bunch of address changes based on the mail that was forwarded.

Tonight, I ‘m going to run out and wash the truck (its been muddy for a while now after driving some Michigan dirt roads) and then cruise by the house for a bit.  After that, I think I’ll try and get some paperwork done.


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When you extend your reservations in 30 day increments…

It’s odd when you extend your hotel reservation 30 days at a time… So my first reservation was for 30 days and then I extended for 15 days, and just now extended another 30 days. The desk clerk doesn’t even blink when you do that.

Camper Storage

Today was a pretty busy day… I worked until about 2:30 this morning getting some upgrades done for a client.  Got up around 9 and got my Banking stuff squared away, then went and got my MI Drivers License taken care of…. then hit both the Post Office in Shelby to pick up mail there and then over to Warren about 20 min away to pick up mail there.  I was surprised that I had mail in Shelby that was addressed to our old Shrewsbury address since I only put in the change notice on Saturday last week.  On the contrary, I had set up the forward to the Warren Post Office (General Delivery) on the 7th of July and we’ve not received any mail there…. which I find interesting.

After getting that squared away, I went to the store and picked up some Round-up and went over to the Camper Storage.  I’m really not crazy about storing the camper away from the house… but that’s just how it is here.  The storage slip that I’ve got had a lot of weeds and stuff growing in and around it… so I wanted to come and spray all the weeds with Round-up to try and kill them.  I went over and took care of that and then moved some of my “garage items” out of the back of the truck and put them in the camper.  Once we get into the house I can put up the paints, bug spray and etc. where it belongs.

This is what the camper lot looks like.

The camper next to me has flat tires (all 4) and has sunk into the ground down to the springs… it’s pretty sad.  It does not look like anybody has been there for a long time.  It’s sad.

Bethany’s new toy!

Today we went and bought the new appliances for the house at Sears… When we were down buying the garage door opener, I noticed that they had snow blowers on sale too!  So while we were there we bought one of those too!  Bethany was really excited about it.

I think we are now ready for winter in Michigan.

Dinner in the new house

Tonight, we had our first meal in our new house… even the dog!  It’s not actually what you think, but we stopped and picked up a couple of hot and ready pizzas and took them into the house and took some pictures.  The dog had a bone that we picked up at the zoo today.