Missing this already


Boy am I going to miss my park like yard.   We have been working around the house all day and are just taking a break and enjoying the deck.   We have lots of yellow finches this year.   I’m going to miss this place, PA.


This makes me happy….


I don’t know why, but this picture I took really makes me happy when I see it.

Moving the office




Today I boxed up my office….  I left some signs to help others.

Walking the Glen–Trip round up

We got up in the morning and had a good breakfast, eggs bacon, and pound cake with fruit!  I love pound cake and fruit… it gives me a chance to play with my food!



After breakfast, I took a walk around the camp ground and snapped some pictures of the area and our camp site.  The campground was still pretty empty.  I think that in our loop there were about 5 or 6 units total.  There were not any new units that came in over night.

I was very excited to take the hike and see the falls on the .  This is a place (), I think everyone should see at least once.  The crew, Kyle, Bethany, and Anna are getting ready to go!


We got on the trail early, so we did not have to deal with many other visitors and we could walk and enjoy the falls without a crowd.  There was much more water then there was on our previous visit.  I think that it was nicer last time we were there (the water was more clear).  But it was a different view of the park to see all the water rushing through the gorge.

To get a feel for the site and sound of the walk, I’ve posted a short video of one of the falls.

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

At the top, the kids (big and small) hit the play ground and we waited for the gift shop to open.  We found out that they did not open for over an hour, so we decided to head on back down. 


On the way back we walked the Indian Trail along the ridge to get the over head vistas. You eventually end up back on the Gorge Trial for the last little bit, but then you get to walk behind the waterfall again and that’s never a bad thing!

After our hike, we hit the Pizza Hut and then popped over to the Dairy Bar to get ice cream. We got back to the camp site and took a nap to let lunch settle before making dinner… Dutch oven Chicken.  

We had a whole chicken, potatoes, carrots, onion, Celery, and Stuffing.  It was delicious…yum.


After dinner, we enjoyed a nice campfire and settled in for the night….. we thought that we would share our campfire with you!


Watkins Glen Campfire 5/21/2011

Happy Trails, Pappa Bear

Watkins Glen State Park, NY


Its been like camping during the middle of the week!  We were looking to come up to Watkins Glen and stay at the state park, but online it looked like all the spots were full.  I looked for alternatives in the area and then decided to call and see if there were any cancellations on Thursday.   The lady told me they were not taking reservations due to the state budget problems… it was first come first serve right now.  We got here around 4 pm and there were 6 campers in the whole park, we like camping like that.  The whole weekend so far has been very quote.   We walked the gorge early today and pretty much had it to ourselves as well.   Pictures of that to follow.

NY State


I always feel a sense of home coming when back in New York State.   I love the woods here and listening to the sea guls… as odd as if may seem, you can hear them at Watkins Glen just like you were on the coast.  I about to make roast chicken in my dutch oven.

steve meyer’s location@9:48am,5/21




steve meyer’s location@9:48am,5/21 Watkins Glen, NY http://m.google.com/u/m/xXn5Bc

Great hike on the gorge trail.