CT Scan

Well I had my CT Scan of my lungs yesterday and they did this with a contrast IV.  The procedure was really pretty quick and the CT Scanner was like a big doughnut..   It was not as tight as the one that they used to scan my head on the 1st.   The IV part was not too bad either.  They did not add the contrast until after I was on the scanner table and laying down.  I had to put my arms up over my head and they hooked me up.  It’s like a warm rush as it runs through you but it was really not bad at all and it did not bother me.  They told me that some patients taste a metallic taste and feel like they need to use the restroom…. but I did not experience that at all.

I got the results today and it was a little surprising, but the news could have been so much worse.  They found out that I fractured 2 ribs (2nd and 5th) and not just one.  They confirmed the partial dislocation on the 4th rib.  They also found that I’ve got a puncture in my lung (a ).  Tomorrow morning 7:50 AM, I get to have another chest x-ray and then it’s off to see the surgeon to see what the plan of action is… I’m really hoping for the “we’ll leave it alone until it heals” option, but I guess we’ll need to roll with the punches there.  Like I said, it could be much worse… so, we count our blessings and move forward.

Right now they have put me on physical activity restriction as well as travel restrictions until I talk with the surgeon.

I did get to see my fall on the security system (they got it all on tape) and I did not hit the wall the way I thought I did.  The video was really enlightening…. they were going to try and get me a copy.


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