March Solar Production

We had another good solar month in March… The monthly number was as good as September of last year so that was pretty good by my book.  Today we only posted a 4, but then we had snow over night and we started the day with snow on the panels.  It rained most of the day as well, so over all I feel really good about the day.  We also were able to earn our 4th SREC this month.



Last night we had snow, followed by rain.  This morning the snow did not look as heavy has it had last night in terms of covering the grass,  Today the day started looking like this:



Anna, this is for you!

This is the security footage of me falling when I had my black out back at the first of the month.  I slowed down the video to 1/4 time… otherwise the fall goes by too quick and you can’t really tell how hard the fall was.

This fall broke 2 ribs, partially dislocated 1 rip, punctured a lung and caused various small cuts and bruises.

My Weekend in Detroit

We made a trip up to Detroit (an easy 7.5 hour drive) last week to check things out and pick up some equipment for work and bring them back to Baltimore.  While we were there we decided to check out some homes in the area… below are some examples:

The Lake House (the Green Annex will be removed at some point)


The Town House (Grosse Pointe on Lake St. Clair)


Nuts, I think there should be more of them


Exhausted after all that driving….


I-Hop closed at 6:00 AM?

What’s up with that…. we went by the I-Hop in Cockeysville today at 6 with the intention of getting breakfast, but it was not open yet.    Disappointed.

Best news possible today

Today I went and got another set of x-rays and then went to see the surgeon.  The good news was that I’m healing up pretty good and the hole in my lungs seemed like it was closing up on it’s own.  He wanted to watch it for a month and take another set of x-rays in a month and make sure it was still healing properly.   He told me that I needed to take it easy (no strenuous activity) and no airplane travel until after I see him next month.

I view this as great news… anytime I get to avoid someone sticking sharp things in me, it’s a good day.

CT Scan

Well I had my CT Scan of my lungs yesterday and they did this with a contrast IV.  The procedure was really pretty quick and the CT Scanner was like a big doughnut..   It was not as tight as the one that they used to scan my head on the 1st.   The IV part was not too bad either.  They did not add the contrast until after I was on the scanner table and laying down.  I had to put my arms up over my head and they hooked me up.  It’s like a warm rush as it runs through you but it was really not bad at all and it did not bother me.  They told me that some patients taste a metallic taste and feel like they need to use the restroom…. but I did not experience that at all.

I got the results today and it was a little surprising, but the news could have been so much worse.  They found out that I fractured 2 ribs (2nd and 5th) and not just one.  They confirmed the partial dislocation on the 4th rib.  They also found that I’ve got a puncture in my lung (a ).  Tomorrow morning 7:50 AM, I get to have another chest x-ray and then it’s off to see the surgeon to see what the plan of action is… I’m really hoping for the “we’ll leave it alone until it heals” option, but I guess we’ll need to roll with the punches there.  Like I said, it could be much worse… so, we count our blessings and move forward.

Right now they have put me on physical activity restriction as well as travel restrictions until I talk with the surgeon.

I did get to see my fall on the security system (they got it all on tape) and I did not hit the wall the way I thought I did.  The video was really enlightening…. they were going to try and get me a copy.

Mid Month Solar Numbers – March

So far this has been a good month.  We have had a number of really good days where we are up in the high 20’s (28’s and 29’s) mixed in with the other numbers.  So we are getting really good production right now.  I’m hoping we have a really good number for the end of the month.

The sad thing as of this post is that I may need to leave my solar system behind since my company is looking for me to relocate.   This now represents a number of challenges to see how my solar system plays into selling my home (should I choose to move).  I also need to figure out what to do with my SREC’s going forward.