February Solar Production

My February solar production was great!  We came close to the October numbers which was a bit of a pleasant surprise since this was a short month and with the rain predication for the last week of the month we had some really nice breaks in the clouds during the afternoon which really pushed the numbers up.


February has been a very good solar month!

February has been a kick a## month for solar production…. I’ve already exceeded January ‘11, and December ‘10.  I’m 3 Kw from passing the November ‘10 monthly total with 4 days left to go in the month.  If they were not predicting heavy rain for the next few days, I think I would have a shot at the October total.  I’m looking forward to see what March brings, but we look like we are getting back on track!


I wonder how the solar production in Michigan compares to PA over the course of a year?

Rail Trail

Sunday we took a walk on the in Maryland.  We walked south a couple of miles to Dairy Road. I wanted to stat at Bentley Springs, but missed the turn and we started just a bit south of there.  It was a really nice warm day for February…. but that will change on Monday night with another 6 – 8 inches of snow is predicted to fall overnight.


This section of trail is not one that we’ve walked recently…. there were areas were you could see a beaver was chewing trees and falling them to make a home in the stream.  There was lots of evidence of them along the banks; however, we were not able to find their lodge in the stream.  It’s days like this that make me itching to get camping again!

February Mid-Month Solar Numbers

So far, February is turning out to be a great month from a solar production standpoint.  It appears that we are on track to produce more than we did in January which would be a nice turn around to see the monthly numbers back on the rise.


Grand Canyon–On the way home from Vegas

I was able to snap some pictures of the Grand Canyon on the plane ride home from Vegas.  Long flight, long week, I’ll be glad to be home!


I’ve been out at a trade show all week in Las Vegas… it’s always “interesting” and very long days.  We stayed at the Mirage while we were there and the room was like a ‘70’s style.  It was very Shag-o-delic!


It was sunny but cool most of the week 40’s – 60’s but I really only went outside one day to pick up some print.  I’m glad to be headed home now!

Sick the past couple of days…..

Wednesday night I started to wheeze just a bit watching TV.  I took some Claritin to try head things off…. but it was too late.  By Thursday morning I had a cough and the drainage was worse.  I took some mucinex and headed off to work.   I seemed to get worse during the day.  When I got home I took a couple of puffs from my inhaler and laid down for a bit.   I felt really tired and it was hard to breath.   After about 30 minutes I decided to go to urgent care to get checked out.   They heard the wheezing and gave me a breathing treatment.   This was a first for me… I was feeling and breathing better.  I got two prescriptions and was on my way.

I was feeling kind of funny when I got to the car… warm and tingly.   I debated sitting in the parking lot to see if it would pass but decided to press on home.   About a third of the way home the warm rush was back and I rolls the window down to get some cold air and try and hold things off.   Didn’t work….. I had to find an area the snow was push back far enough on the solder to pull off….. I did and was able to get out and toss my cookies.   Once it passed, I got back in the car and started going again I did not get a lot further down the road and that warm rush was back.  I found a spot to pull over but only got the door open and one foot out the door when I lost it.   I spent about 10 min on the side of the road hanging out-side the drivers door with cars whizzing past me on the interstate.

I managed to get home after this, but spent the rest of the night running to the bathroom.  It was a rough night.  I can only guess that it was related to the “breathing treatment” but that sure was rough.  But I was breathing better.  I pretty much slept all day Friday.

Saturday night and I still have a cough, and not quite 100%…. I am feeling feeling better.