January 2011 Solar Production

The January numbers while not as good as hoped are not to bad when you consider the four days with no production at all due to the snow.  I posted a 19 today… we had good sun in the morning and then the clouds with the next storm started to move in during the early afternoon hours.



Snow Avalanche – First Zero Solar Days

Well, I’ve finally had some days with zero solar production…. with the big snow that we had last week my panels have been pretty much snow covered.  Yesterday afternoon I got out with a brush and started to clear some of the panels off at the bottom of the roof line…. I now know what an avalanche must feel like!  As I uncovered the corner of the first panel I notices that the snow had bowed up like it was trying to melt but then the gutter at the edge of the roof was holding it up.  About a split second after that all the snow about 5 inches high of it,… started down the roof directly at me knocking me off my ladder and covering me pretty good….. it was heavy and wet!  Once I got over my embarrassment, I picked myself up and dusted myself off… mission accomplished, I was producing electricity again.

For the panels on the “high roof”, well nature took care of them about an hour later when it broke free on it’s own and killed the bushes in my front yard under the eve.  I ended up getting about a 7 on the day…. not great, but much better than the four days with no production due to the snow.  I’ll end up behind my December Production because of the four consecutive zero production days. 

But all-in-all, still not bad.  We should have a fair day tomorrow to wrap up the month and then the next storm system starts to move in late in the afternoon or early evening and will last for about three days.  At least this event looks like it will be more rain / freezing rain and less snow.  So maybe the panels don’t get covered up as much this go around.

I’ll post the final production numbers for January tomorrow night.

8 inches

Tonight we got 8” of snow today…  We were supposed to get rain this morning, but it came in as a very wet snow.  We had a break during the middle of the day and then got clobbered again around 5 PM.  It was a long ride home… I’m to tired to post the pictures tonight, so they’ll be up to morrow.

Solar SREC / AEC Number 3

Today I rolled over 3,015 on my meter, so I’ve earned another Alternate Energy Credit for the end of the month.   We estimated about one every other month when we put the system in and it’s tracking pretty close.  If I would have had a full month of production in July we would be there.  I’m at 265 for the month so far (11.05 / day average) with a week to go.  I know that we have another snow / rain storm moving in so I’m guessing I’ll have a few poor days; however, today with the sunshine I posted 23 for the day.  The last time I had a number this good was Nov. 8th.

When vacation proves to be too much….

Off the ship, and at Hobby waiting for the plane.   Bethany and Mason are snoozing.  It was good trip…. it was great to have all of the family together at one time!

Steve Meyer’s location@10:48am,1/23 Houston, TX http://m.google.com/u/m/xqPZhn



Voyager of the Seas – At Sea Day 7 ”The Last Day”

Today was the last full day on the Ship and it’s said to think that it’s all over so quickly!  We had lots of fun all 23 of us and it was great to just be able to be together with everyone.  It’s not something we get to do very often.   Three generations together all in one place.


The last dinner was a  time to say good by to the wait staff that had taken care of us all week.  23 is a pretty big group to take care of and we were always changing seats and moving around night to night (most tables styed static for the entire trip).  But we each got to visit with each other at dinner and we pretty much all made the rounds to different tables.  The wait staff was great about it and I know that we made their jobs harder, but in the end I think we all had fun.   We got pictures with several of them on that last night.    in After the last dinner, we went out side on deck 5 to listen to the water.  The chill in the air was back and you did not want to be out too long without a jacket.  All around us, we could see the lights from oil rigs in the gulf as we sliced through the night on our way back to Galveston, TX.

This was a trip to remember!

Voyager of the Seas – Cozumel Day 6


Day 6 we were in Cozumel Mexico… The Allure of the Seas was docked next to us and the size difference between the two ships was amazing!  They had palm trees in the solarium.  This ship was at least 2 or 3 stories taller than the Voyager and about twice as wide.


I had arranged to go bottom fishing here with Bruce and the rest of the family was going snuba or exploring the shopping and other things that Cozumel had to offer.  I set about looking for the immigration office (which proved elusive).  It was on the map at the port but apparently had moved to downtown.  I walked the street out side of the port for about a 1/4 mile in hopes that I could find the office on the map that I saw, but no luck. 

With time for my fishing trip getting closer, I headed back to the area were we supposed to meet for the trip.  My brother and brother in-law were there with their family to go snuba; however, my nephew was not allowed to go because of his asthma.  I asked his dad to see if he wanted to go on the fishing trip with Bruce and I and they checked and said that he could go.

We went out not far from where the cruise ships were and drifted down the coast line a couple of times.  We could some Trigger Fish, Parrot Fish, and Grouper.   Bruce caught a Parrot Fish (it was very colorful, mostly green with big teeth), my nephew caught a trigger fish, and then a 40 lb. grouper.



We had a great trip and I’m so glad that Kevin got to catch the “Big Fish” of the day!


After the Fishing, we caught up with everyone else at the Port and then went back to the ship.  We relaxed, hit the hot tub and then had dinner.  After Dinner Jimmy and I had “Camera Wars”!