December Solar Production

December Solar Production ended up better than expected.  It will be interested to see how we do in January as the days get longer.  When I was looking at the GATS web page it looked like we did better than the forecast for the month.


New Year’s Eve

Today we ran over to Maryland to do a little shopping at the mall and pick up a few things before Mason heads home.  While we were out, I wanted to stop off and take a look at an Orange Pontiac G8.


Uncle Mike…. below is the Camaro that you need to buy (Stripes and Orange).


New Year’s Eve Celebration with the Delp’s!



Pictures from the field (Thanks Anna!)



Well the Kitchen is finally done.. The tile got grouted on Friday and we put up brushed nickel wall plates.  Yesterday we put all the stuff back on the counters and we are finally getting back to normal. 


Bavaria Undercover

Beautiful pictures (see the post ) it will make you want to get on a plane!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was good… Mason and I finally got our Thanksgiving Turkey.   We had Turkey, Glazed Ham, Cranberries, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, and home made rolls.  For desert, we had a Black Berry Pie, Cherry Pie, and a Banana Nut Cake.  We had some Naylor “” White Wine with dinner!

It was all really good!

White Christmas?

In order to have a “White Christmas” how much white do you need to have and when do you need to have it by?


While the winter storm that was being predicted seems to be staying further off the coast (that means “low to no” snow for us) we are presently getting a light snow shower this morning a little after 9 AM.  Which in and of itself is enjoyable to watch from the window.  They are tiny flakes and seem to be starting to stick on the driveway in just a very light coat.

This got me to thinking… what really constitutes a White Christmas?  I think in my mind its always been about waking up to snow that covered the ground, grass, and cars and hearing the silence that comes with the fresh fall of an inch or so of snow…. but then technically if it snowed at all on Christmas Day would it count?  Let me know what you think constitutes a White Christmas.