The Crawling Crab

Well, “The Crawling Crab” hitchhiker has now made two complete round trips to Oklahoma.  I’ve taken it twice now to try and get it planted in a box out west and both times I’ve had things that interfered with my plans to get this hitch hiker moved to another state far, far away.

This time between car troubles and illness I did not make it out to the trail.  I’ll need to release this a little closer to home and let him start his journey.  I know it’s hard when you have a hitch hiker and you don’t see sight of it for a long time.

November Solar Production

The Monthly Solar Production numbers are in…. as expected, we dropped a little more this month in terms of the monthly number.  But all in all it still seems like its not to bad.



Home at last

It’s good to finally be home!

I want one….


I’m always impressed by these when I travel the PA Turnpike out in Western PA.  They look so peaceful just slowly turning in the wind making electricity. 

The other think that I really enjoy on the Turnpike is still a few hours away – Tunnels!


Stopped for gas and lunch….


steve meyer’s location@1:21pm,11/29 399 Industrial Park Rd, Somerset, PA 15501, Pennsylvania

Looks like they had some light snow in western pa

Quaker Steak Restaurant


When we were leaving Cabela’s in West Virginia we were going to grab a quick bite and get back on the road.  There is a building on the edge of the parking lot that looks like it could be a garage… but it’s the … which is a Wings joint that does some other stuff too.

Mid morning stop


steve meyer’s location@10:52am,11/29 Cabela Dr, Triadelphia, WV 26059, West Virginia