A Weekend’s Worth of Stuff

I really wanted to got camping this weekend; however, it just was not in the cards… ended up working later than I wanted to on Friday night, so we decided to bag the camping plans and stay close to home.  We went out with some friends on Friday night and visit with them a bit.

On Saturday, we did some shopping to finish off our Study / Office and get that squared away.  We went to Sam’s, Ross, Just Cabinets, and Comcast.  We bought the last item to finish off the office.


PS.  Real furniture should not have to be assembled in my opinion…. but this was.  Not that it looks bad, but the some assembly required things always take twice as long as you anticipate and god forbid you screw something up.


The office looks pretty good all in all…. just a few more minor items to square away and it will be done.

Halloween (well Trick-or-Treat) was last night here… we had quite a few kids this year and Stupid (A.K.A. Daisy the dog) was a beast every time the doorbell rung.  Bethany tried to dress her up as a Lady Bug… but that did not last long before she had wiggled out of most of it.

Today, I got the camper all winterized (that’s a good feeling) and then we ran down to IKEA in Baltimore to exchange a floor mat for the office.  The first one broke as soon as I sat in my chair I put a wheel through the mat (that’s a bad sign).  We also picked up some Christmas items for the kids that we are sponsoring for the holiday.   It was a nice time and the weather was not so bad.  Coming out of the store, we ran into a potential “Sunday Driver”…. made me look twice getting into our car.


He just looks like he should be there, right?

The drive home was nice… but the leaves are really dropping fast here and there are any number of trees that are already bear.

Monthly Solar Production Numbers–October 2010

Final solar production numbers for October 2010 are in…. We had a number of rainy days this month which really knocked down the daily average (15.55 / day).  It makes me wonder if the downward trend is the shorter days or really the result of the rainy days.   Probably a combination of both.  It will be interesting to see how we do for November


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Vegas – I wish I could say I had fun…..

What a couple of crazy days in Las Vegas.  My flight path was Baltimore to Detroit, then Detroit to Las Vegas…. a lot of miles in the center seat today.   I was amazed at the cab line that snaked around outside the airport.  It took about 30 min to get from the door of the airport to a cab.  Since I was wearing my shirt, I made some new friends in line.  Unfortunately, they were OU fans… but his brother attended OSU… so I guess that made him a half ok guy.  I’m always amazed at how an OSU shirt is a conversation starter on the road.

I was there to work the company booth for a trade show and meet with some clients during that time.  We got in late on Wednesday night and had dinner late (or very early in the morning Eastern Time).  Most of the group was at while I was at .  While Harrah’s is technically “across the street” it’s like a couple of blocks of walking to get out one and in the other.  The crowds are very entertaining… lots of people watching opportunities.   So after I checked in, I walked back over to Caesars to get dinner, and we walked around trying to find a place to eat at a reasonable price.  Most of the menus started at $30 for a meal.  We got done eating around midnight (3 AM Eastern).  This made the next day seem extremely long because we had some meetings and stuff to attend to in the morning and then we needed to get our booth built and set up.


Morning out my hotel window saw the clouds from the rain the night before moving on with some nice pink streaks in the sky. The picture does not do it justice.

We had a short break just before noon and we grabbed a quick (but expensive) sandwich at this Chocolate shop.  I took a picture of the clock that was supposed to look like a chocolate egg… it was pretty cool, made me think of Anna.


Then we had our client meeting followed by the “open house” in the exhibit hall.  By the time things shut down at 7:30 (10:30 ET)…. I was dead.  We went and had dinner and then off to bed.  The next morning did not get off to a good start.  Around 1:30 AM, Megan’s best friend came looking for her at her hotel room door (a couple down from me).  She really wanted Megan to open the door, which didn’t happen.  after about 20 min of trying to get Megan to open the door she left… and brought back help.  At 2:30, Megan’s friends are still trying to convince her to open the door.  Security shows up a short time later, opens the door to check on Megan (she never answered) and I guess she wasn’t there because it got quite after that (thank god).  I got up around 5:30 to start my final day in Vegas.  Answered a few e-mails and had a conference call and then headed back over to the exhibit hall.  We were in the exhibit hall from 7:30 am to 6:00 PM for the show and then had to tear our booth down and pack it up.  I was the popular guy about half way through the day… I always travel with IB Profin in my brief case.  By the time we got done, my feet were killing me.  We had dinner at buffet in Ceasers ( I think).  It was the best meal that we had while we were there… I wish we had found this two days sooner.

After dinner, I hung out with my co-worker (he did not leave until the next morning) and watched the traffic get all balled up because the president was in Las Vegas (looking for a loan maybe?) to help out a Democrat with the upcoming election.  I’m sure he was spending “our money” to do it as well.  at 10 PM I headed off to the airport to catch my 1 AM flight.  Las Vegas to Minnesota, then Minnesota to Baltimore.  I got into Baltimore around 10:30 AM… beautiful day.   The nice thing about arriving mid-morning on a Saturday is that there is NOBODY waiting for the airport shuttle bus to get you back to your car.


I slept through most of it after I got home.  What a long trip, next time maybe I’ll have some fun while I’m there.


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Almost there

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Halfway home….

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Leaving soon


steve meyer’s location@7:13pm,10/22 3580 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Paradise, NV http://m.google.com/u/m/BW9oWP

Getting dinner at 1am ET



When we arrived at the airport everything was wet here in Las Vegas. It sounded like some areas really got more rain then they are used to seeing. When I got to the hotel and ran out for something to eat (at like 1 am ET) the ground was damp, but the sky was just cloudy. I left the resturant at 3 AM (ET) and headed back for a few hours of sleep before another long day.