My last post…

Thinking about my last post, it’s not so much word press… its different than what I’m used to, but I’m sure I can get used to it.   My real disappointment is that Microsoft has killed yet another product that I liked.  There has been a string of them lately:  One Care, MS Money, Vine, and Spaces.  I’ve been on spaces since 2005, and had used most of the other products listed since they were beta.   It makes me wonder how much to invest in a Microsoft product that might be sunset in the near future.  For instance, I love my Microsoft Home Server, but it seems like there has not been much published there in a while and that seems like the pattern with products right before they go away.


Not sure I like Word Press…..

I can’t seem to find the links to my friends sites that I would normally check in on and read…. Drat!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Good news on the trailer… but is it?

I got a call from the camper dealer tonight and my trailer is ready to be picked up.   They checked the axle and it looked true (straight as an arrow).  They checked the spindle and that looked good too… so recommendation, put a new tire on it.  While I’m relived to get out the door with just a tire…. I’ve got a feeling that this will not be the last tire with funny wear that  I put on that axle.

I’m thinking that I need to find someplace that works specifically with Dexter Axles for camper trailers.  The dealership said that it was a “rubber spindle” so that might make a difference, but they did not se anything wrong with it and it appeared to be straight as well.

It pulled home without incident, looking forward to my next camping trip now that I’m all legal (new inspection) and new tire.

Tire Wear

In the first picture, you can see the cords on the lower left edge of the front tire.  The second picture is a close up of the area of wear.  I’m planning on dropping the trailer off on Sunday to get it looked at next week.  Need to replace the tire and fix either the spindle or axle (whichever is the offending part).


Bets on Bent Axle….

After our last camping trip, I noticed my left front trailer tire was looking kind of funny.   Well on closer inspection, it was showing some of the steel belted cords on the inside edge.  YIKES!!!  The three other tires look like they have normal wear on them, so my guess is that somehow I’ve got a bent Axle…  I did some calling around to see what it would take to get a “Trailer Axle Alignment”.  I found a local Truck shop that would do the alignment… they basically take it off and put it in a press and press it straight then put it back on the trailer.   They guy told me that it’s pretty labor intensive and would run about $300 – 350 to do.  He also recommended that I price a replacement axle because it might be cheaper to just install a new one.   He said that they’ve done a couple in the past, but the cost of the fix was getting really close to the cost of a new axle and he wanted to be up front with me.  I thought that was pretty decent of him.

Tonight, I got under the trailer and found I’ve got a Dexter Axle, the rest was really hard to read off of the plate, but looked like SLE 8-12 (I think this is the lug pattern).   From what I could tell, it looked like the axles are between $200 – 400.  So I guess that’s pretty good advice, but I wont know which end of that spectrum I’m at until I can pin down the exact model number of the Axle.  Not something I’d personally fool with (I’d rather have that done by a professional… too much riding on it if you know what I mean).

Current Solar Production as of 9/21/2010

We seem to be on target to produce about the same amount of electricity as last month.  I’ve also included another graph of the Daily Average for each month.