Watkins Glen, NY

We wanted to go camping this weekend but did not have definitive plans on “where to go”.  On Friday afternoon, we decided to go north to Watkins Glen, NY and stay at the state park there.  I’ve always wanted to go there and have actually had reservations there (twice) and then had something come up where we could not make it.   But this time, we did!


We always represent O-State when on the road… our campsite was great!


Watkins Glen State Park - Site 256A

Our trip was great… We ate dinner on Friday night at the “Seneca Lodge” which is a 50’s / 60’s style Adirondack Loge.  The dining room is in a single big room in a log cabin and it’s very family oriented.  We enjoyed the atmosphere.  Saturday morning, we got up early and hiked up the Watkins Glen Gorge to look at the falls.  This was an awesome hike with water falls galore!  After hiking the trail we went down to Lake Seneca and did the lunch cruise on Caption Bill’s charters.  The lunch Cruise uses the bigger of the two boats.  The lunch and dinner cruises are about two hours in length.  The sight seeing cruise uses the smaller boat and takes about one hour.  There are also sailing ships that you can charter for a few hours of sailing on the lake as well.  After lunch, we walked the down town and looked in several of the small in the cute little town.

We got back to the campsite a little later than anticipated and grilled some chicken on the Lodge Camp Grill.  After dinner, we went down to the dairy barn for some ice cream.


Lancaster Central Market & Landis Valley Museum

Today we took a ride over to Lancaster and went to the (The country’s oldest continuously operating Farmers Market).  We spent some time walking around and taking in the sights.  To say the very least it was colorful… lots of fruits, vegies, meats, pastries and etc. lined each side of every isle.   I’m glad we went early in the day when it was not so crowed.  We got a couple of pastries and took them outside and walked around downtown Lancaster for a bit looking in the shop windows around the market area.  I found a British isle shop that I’d very much like to go back to and take a bit more of a look.

After leaving the Lancaster Central Market we drove the downtown area to see what was around the area in general.  We then went over to the … I really like this place.  It’s a living history museum where you get to wander the place at your own pace stop and visit with the workers and interact with people you meet.  Bethany had looked at singing me up to take a Hearth Cooking class last winter; however, we just did not have the funds due to our work situation at the time.  They offer a beginner class in the summer and an advanced class in the winter.   It’s neat to think that someone had the foresight to start collecting this stuff (including the buildings) and assembling a collection for others to enjoy and then near the end of their lives donate it all to the state to create a Museum.  We got to spend some time with a person that was doing some Hearth Cooking (Peach Pie… and it smelled good) and we spend quite a bit of time in the general store… the lady there was very informative.  Actually everyone there was informative and you can spend all day there if you like.  In looking at there , is seems like there will be some other opportunities to go there this winter when they have public events.

We capped off the day with a campfire in the back yard…. not as good as doing real camping, but it will have to do today.


Fog in the Cockpit….

Have you ever had one of those days where you just start off and you know it’s goanna be one-of-those-days?  I’ve had a couple of them this week, and just have not had much time to come up and take a breath.

I captured these two pictures the other morning as I was making breakfast and had a moment to reflect on the week.  The fog almost gives a mystical quality to the start of the day…. 


The day ended up being rather sunny and pleasant outside, but work kept me inside all day and into the evening (it’s been like that lately).  I’m hoping that tomorrow is a nice day!

Bethany’s Birthday ….

Yesterday we went to Lancaster and did some “Birthday Shopping” for Bethany’s Birthday.   Afterwards, we drove over to and walked around.  It’s a cute village on the side of a steep hill with a lake at the bottom.  I don’t quite know how to describe it except there were “bungalows” everywhere you turned and very old buildings.  We browsed some of the at the base of the hill and had an ice cream cone at the .  After our treat, we walked the village and looked at the houses.  There are “Streets” that are more like paths that take you through an eclectic group of residences.  We truly enjoyed ourselves for the afternoon in Mt. Gretna.