OSU Marching Band–2010 Members

It’s hard to believe that college is about to begin again for the kids… seems like the summer should just be starting.  Maybe that’s because we’ve not really had a summer with all the job stuff going on.


2010-07-03 – More Pictures of Rickets Glen

These are some more pictures of our Ricketts Glen Trip from Saturday.

While this is a little old…. I really enjoyed it.

2010-07-03 – Ricketts Glen State Park

Today we took a ride about 2.5 hours north of here to   to hike the waterfalls… this is just such a gem of a park.   I was a little disappointed that the water volume was not a great as it had been in my past trips.  While it’s still pretty, I was hoping that Bethany’s first trip would be as spectacular as mine.





This is a nice view of the Susquehanna River from the overlook north of Harrisburg  This was another beautiful view and a nice ending to the day.

susquehanna river from overlook







Solar Install – Day 2 (I’m officially a power generator today!)

As of 4 PM today, I’m officially a functioning power generator!   They finished with the solar install and tested the system out so I could see the meter run backwards (that’s cool!).   This is how we look upon completion:


The only think I’m not pleased with is the junction box on the roof under the short row of panels below


I got a cool Gizmoto (which I still need to figure out) that will help monitor my usage from the grid / production from the system


Solar System – Install Day 1

Well it’s that time and the solar system is finally being installed….. while I’ve got to say I feel good about it in the long run, the short term financial commitment is kind of scary.   I kind of expected the panels to be up today and the electrical connections to be made tomorrow, but it looks like it’s more the other way around.


This is the house at the end of the day on Day 1:



This is the new electrical connections on the exterior of the house.  The items on the right are part of the new solar system.  I’m looking forward to seeing the meter spin backwards.



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Pool Day

Last night we had a “Pool Day” in the back yard


It’s nice to come home and just relax poolside for a while in the evening.