Philly Trip

Today we took a short trip over to Philly with two goals… Get a good Cheese Steak Sandwich (Pat’s or Geno’s) and see .   We stopped at Pat’s and got our sandwiches there…  they were good!


Then we went over to Eastern State Penitentiary and we did the audio tour (self paced tour) and we took the “Prison Inside a Prison” tour which was a guided tour that allowed us to go into “The Hole” which was very cool.   The light in the prison was awesome for pictures.  My favorite shot that I took is the one:


Here are the rest of the shots


New Freedom Train Station

This is the train station in New Freedom, PA.  We ride by this on our bikes going to the state line from Rail Road, PA…. it is about half way and a nice place to stop for a few min and get a drink of water.


New Freedom Train Station

York Airport – Open House

My neighbor and I went over to the York Airport () today to take in their open house… it was a good time!  They had tents set up that you could get in out of the sun right on the edge of the runway in front of the main hanger.   They were giving both Helicopter and Airplane rides ($35 and $25 respectively).  We were there for about three hours and the chopper only shutdown for about 15 min during the whole time… and it was full for every ride while we were there.  The Airplanes were doing well too… they had three 172’s flying people and they were generally full.


The Super Cub that is pictured (the Yellow Tail Dragger) was beautiful!  The restoration on this plane was really good…. brought back memories of years gone by hanging out with my uncle at the airport.

Looking for Thing 1….

Where does Thing 2 look for Thing 1?  At DQ of course.


Sunday Ride on the Rail Trial


Sunday evening we took a ride on the Rail Trial from Rail Road, PA down to the Maryland State Line (A.K.A. The Mason Dixon Line).  It was a very pleasant 6 mile ride down and back.