Waves on the Beach, Birds on the Dunes

While we were at I took a walk on the Walking Dunes Trail off the campground.  I found this particular “trail” neat because you really see the ruins of Fort Miles and you wonder what it looked like back in the day when these facilities were in use.

 DSCN3508 DSCN3503 DSCN3502

Life in the sand….  This little bird in the sand scared me when I walked up on her.  She squawked at me, but stood her ground.  I gave her a wide birth after seeing her.  On the way back, she had left the next; however, she was sitting on four eggs.

  DSCN3500 DSCN3506DSCN3510



We also spent some time at the beach just relaxing and watching the waves come in…. very relaxing, my favorite palace to nap :).


Weekend at the Beach

This weekend we went over to in Delaware and spend the weekend camping at the beach…. it was a great time.  We spent Friday at the beach and hard an early dinner (Crabs, Clams, and Shrimp… yum!).  After dinner, we drove down to the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD and spent the evening walking and people watching….  I love the big kites that they have flying over the beach there.   Anna and Kyle got “Thing 1 and Thing 2” sweat shirts… very cute.






Hershey Park

Kyle flew in for a few days on Saturday night late….  We got up early on Sunday morning and rode over to to spend the day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!

DSCN3272 DSCN3316

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Bunnies in my Yard!

It was a busy day today… had a few plumbing chores that I needed to do and then I tackled draining and cleaning the garden pond.  I wanted to get all the muck off the bottom of the pond and then re-fill it with clean water.  After getting the pond squared away, we went out and washed cars… in the early evening light we had a couple of very young bunnies that were enjoying the sun in the yard and they let me get amazingly close for some pictures!


View 2010-05-15 - Bunnies

Mason’s Graduation Pictures

These are the pictures from Mason’s Graduation and then the post graduation party that we had in the Living Room.  We used the kitchen off the living room and we had BBQ, Chips, and several various side dishes.  The party was great, visiting with family and friends for several hours thorough the course of the afternoon.  We did it with a western theme.  We also were able to use the pool table and TV in the living rooms so there were plenty of things for people to do during the afternoon.



Following our lunch, we took a walk around campus (with the next generation of OSU Students from the family) and took in some campus highlights.  The kids were able to feed the ducks at and had a great time enjoying the early evening hours.  We went back to Parker and showed them what a dorm room was like and had a good time visiting there for a bit.  Following that, we went over the and had dinner.  My nice was requesting dinner there… and it’s always a good time!  We got to see them open the skylight (which they do most evenings in the summer) so it’s like an open deck… more like it was back in the day.


Moving Day – Part 2

The second day of moving was a little different than the first.  Anna and Mason had their last finals of the semester from 8 – 9 in the morning.  Following finals, we took all three of them (Mason, Kyle, and Anna) out to sell there books.  In the process Kyle had this rocket that he bought to college that he wanted to launch before he left…. so we went to a park and did that.   It was a very windy day, but nice enough to launch it considering there was lots of open space.

I took video of the rocket launches as well.


Following messing with the rocket, we had lunch at a Chinese place on the west side of town.. the guy behind the counter would repeat your order back in Chinese so the cooks could get going.   He was wearing a white sequin type shirt and was sinning behind the counter when not taking orders…. he seemed like a very happy fellow.

My Lunch - Chicken Hunan

After lunch, it was back to the grind of hauling stuff out to the car….


DSCN3014 DSCN3013 DSCN3007 DSCN3006 DSCN3005 

After we had the car loaded, I went out for a walk across campus to get some fresh air… it was a beautiful evening!


Bethany, Becky, and Dalton arrived shortly after that with all the food and stuff for Mason’s Graduation Party.  We put that stuff up in the Parker Kitchen and then had a small pizza party in the Parker Living Room to close out the day with our soon to be graduate!


Mason’s Graduation – Video Shorts