NCR Trail at Lunch

Today I decided to have a lunch time adventure on the NCR Trail near Sparks, MD.  It was my day to work late on the desk so decided to come in early and take a bit of time mid day to enjoy the trail.  I walked about three miles or so on the trial and it was a gorgeous day with temps in the mid to upper 70’s here.  On my walk, there was a good sized dear that crossed the trail between me and a person coming the other way.   It was a little startling at about 50 yards away.  I didn’t even see it until it bounded out into the path.  By the time I got to where the deer was, you could not see it any longer in all the brush.


As I got back to Sparks where I parked, there was a group of people putting canoes and kayaks into the water… it looked like it was going to be a nice ride for them. 


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Another Rail Trial Adventure

Today we had another adventure on the !  We got out early because they are predicting sever storms here today… The day was a cool, foggy, misty kind of day which really sets a cool mood for a hikeDSCN2931.  We left from the Brillhart Station near York and walked south on the Rail Trail.  I’ve always wanted to see the on the trail and today was gonna be the day.  It was about two miles south from the station.  Along the way there were some very cool little springs that trickle into Codours Creek which runs beside the trail during the first part of our walk.  Some day, I’d like to walk the trail from York to the line straight through and have lunch along the trail.  The Howard Tunnel is not all that big, but it was somewhat interesting… on the north side it has the date marker 1866, on the south side it has a date marker of 1840.  But the tunnel itself was built in the late 1830’s.  Inside the tunnel is an iron gate and you can really see what is behind it.. but with the flash of the camera you can see that it shows off the rock face behind the tunnel wall.

There are very interesting rock formations along the walk and they are different colors and you get to hear the creek running, water trickling and birds.  It’s just a really enjoyable walk in the early morning!  Below are some more pictures of our walk and a couple of video’s.


Miller Plant Farm

Today after out bike ride, we drove by the and decided to stop and look.  While we did not purchase anything… it was a feast for the eyes.



DSCN2896  DSCN2897 DSCN2895 DSCN2894

Bikes on the Rail Trail

Today we got the bikes out and went for a ride on the Rail Trail… It was a great day for that… cool and partly sunny.  We went over to Hannover Junction and then road south back towards Glen Rock.   Hannover Junction is a place of some historical significance…. Lincoln stopped here on his way to DSCN2893

Gettysburg after the Civil War battle there.  He stopped there twice once on November 18 and again on November 19, 1863.  Today was the first time we were there when the was open.  We enjoyed the Museum and metal sculptures outside.   In talking to one of the workers… they are not usually open on Saturdays in April; however, there was a Boy Scout Jamboree going on and they were riding 40 miles on the trail this weekend and camping on a farm adjacent to the trail.  We ran into several groups of Scouts on the trail and and they were all really nice.  In talking to one of the leaders at the Museum, this was an annual event.   When you go south from here… the trial is very nice and you have very picturesque views of Codours Creek which parallels the trail.  We rode about three and a half miles south and then back.  When we got back, we road just a short distance north and then came back to the station.

After putting the bikes back in the suburban we took a ride north along the trail on the roads.  We wanted to see if we could see the farm where the Scouts were camping.  I also would like to see the Howard Tunnel at some point.  I know it’s about 5 miles south of York…. but I need to figure out what station is the closest one to leave from to hike / ride through the tunnel.


Rail Trail PAN 2Rail Trail PAN 1 




Rail Trail Friday

On Friday, I went for a walk on the … this is less than a mile from the office.  I walked about  2 miles north on the trail from Sparks and then back…. it was a beautiful day to just get out for a bit.  It was so nice… it was just hard to go back to work.

After work, Bethany and I went another 1.5 miles from Railroad south on the towards Glen Rock.  Once of my favorite thins are all the interesting artifacts that you find along the way.  It’s what I like to think of as hidden history… it make you wonder what life was like 60 years ago in this small part of PA.



Another short walk on the Rail Trail


New Freedom 2

We had another nice walk on the rail trail this evening… we walked from New Freedom down to the MD State Line.  There are some really cool historical murals in New Freedom along the trail (above is one).  The trees are just about done blooming here and everything is starting to green up nicely.



Walk on the Rail Trail

This morning we took a short walk on the York County Rail Trail from Rail Road to New Freedom and back.  It was a nice cool morning for a walk.  We ran into a Boy Scout Troop from Baltimore that was doing a 40 Mile walk (in one day) on the trail.