Today is a day for the Eyes

Well today is my next appointment for my eyes….  I get to find out if I get another pass or if I my chalazion removed.  I’ve had one that I’m trying to get to go away with compresses but it’s been tough and it’s only really reduced a little bit.

Over the weekend we finished up getting the camper ready for the season and then had a small campfire in the back yard.


Camper Clean Up Day

Today we spent the day working on cleaning up the camper.  I pulled it out and went and got air in the tires, vacuumed out all the various compartments, washed it and waxed it.  IT was pretty much an all day affair… but it’s almost ready to roll for the trip west.  I also put the new tire cover on the back!


On the run

We had a busy day today… we rode over to Strasburg today (in Lancaster County) to purchase a gift at the store.  It’s kind of a neat store to kick around they have some unique items.


After we got home, we started to do some yard work… it’s beautiful here right now in the 70’s.  I hung the bird houses and fixed some of the split rail fencing that fell down over the winger because the base posts shifted.  We have lots of geese in our back yard and in the pond behind the house.  It should not be long before we see the new goslings…. usually that’s around the first of may when we see them.



Geese on the Pond


To cap off the night, we had a campfire in the fire pit and I roasted a checking in the Dutch Oven… man I love those pots :).

Today was a Band Day

Today we helped out with the High School Indoor Percussion Groups… We had the first competition in Mechanicsburg (the  ).  The second second show was the full drum line at Cedar Cliff High School and then the third performance was back in Mechanicsburg High School.   With the first show, the Ensemble won first place and will be performing at the Championship Show in a few weeks.  This was a full day affair being out at the high school at 6:45 AM and getting back home around 6 PM but one we really enjoy.

Solo & Ensemble Competition


Here is the practice session just prior to the solo and ensemble competition.

Solo & Ensemble Competition Practice Session


After doing the solo show, we went back to Cedar Cliff for a full drum line show.

Full Drumline Show



And what do you do while waiting for awards… drum of course….

Waitng for Awards

Spring Break

Looks like Anna might have a bit of a bumpy ride to Houston tonight… she and Kyle were able to get on the last Continental Flight out of Tulsa to Houston.  We hope they have a good time!


Mason was nominated for Student Employee of the Year!

Last Saturday we found out that Mason has been nominated for Student Employee of the year.  We were told that there will be a ceremony at   on Thursday April 8th at 2:30 PM at which time they will announce the nominee that won the honor.  Bethany has “spring break” that week so we are thinking about pulling the camper out west to attend the ceremony in person.  I think it’s really cool that Mason was nominated and we would really like to be there when they make the announcement.

We were looking at camping at Lake Carl Blackwell just west of the university.  The campground is actually owned by the university and camping (with electric and water) is $20 a night… not really too bad!  Below is a link to some of the campgrounds with pictures.

Another evening in Detroit

Yesterday we flew into Detroit on a packed flight…. apparently spring break is just over for university students here and everyone was trying to get back to campus for school.  The drive out to Warren, MI was pleasant enough on a Sunday evening.  The temperatures were in the 40’s and there was very little snow on the ground (it’s looks worse snow wise back in PA).  After checking into the hotel, we went over to for some Memphis BBQ.  I had the Sausage Platter and it was good!  Got back to the room and did a little work getting ready for my meetings today.

I’m not happy with my sweater… I found when I put it on this morning that its starting to wear in the elbow (oh well, I did not bring a plan B so that’s what we’re going with it just the same).   I’ve got to run down to the corporate center here and print off the return plane tickets so I’m all set to go.  Today is a pretty full day and it usually involves a dash to the airport at the end of the day where we just barely make the flight.  I don’t know why but when I have to watch the clock like that and I feel like I’m cutting it close it really winds me up from a pressure standpoint.

It will be good to be back home late tonight 🙂