Something to do this morning



Breakfast on Sunday

Afternoon Treat

We needed to take Bethany’s glasses back to Sam’s to get one of the lenses fixed.  While we were out we stopped at Chili’s and had there soup and salad lunch (endless Chips and Salsa, Soup, and salad)…. I had the chicken enchilada soup 

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Snowicane 2010

So, I guess I’ve been in my first Snowicane!  You ask what’s a snowicane, click to find out. The snow fall totals were less than impressive where I live.  But the past few storm have had significant differences in snow fall totals is very short distances (50 miles or less makes a big difference like 12” of difference).  While we did not get a lot of deep snow, the winds were amazing and the visibilities we minimal.  I was impressed by the hard blowing snow.

The good news is that today we have some light flurries and the birds are back at the feeders.  I caught a finch (I think) on the back deck hanging close to the feeder… he had a bright red chest.   The ice on the pond is breaking up and I can see the water again.


Snow Bird

Dutch Oven…

Today I’ve been watching on You-Tube some interesting stuff out there.   I’m really itching to get the black pots out…. But this was good enough since everything is still covered with snow.  I love the international videos (Australia) just to see what other people are making and doing with their ovens.  I ran into this really interesting website called (or CUPS).  It has some really interesting videos on veggies and alternate methods of growing things.. it had my attention for a foe hours this afternoon.

I’m ready to be camping already

OK… Winter seems to be dragging on, and I’m itching to get the ovens out and do a little cooking and do a little camping.  Hard to when you still up to you knees in snow.  Yesterday was the … We took the opportunity to get out and spend the afternoon window shopping (It not like I’m going to buy something anytime soon).  I really love our Trail Cruiser Expandable Trailer by , but it’s still neat to see what’s on the market and what the new ideas are for RV’s.

We saw one really nice 4 season unit by Rockwood – that had a 4 position bunk house end as well as a queen bed in the front end.  It was about 32 feet long and very nicely laid out.  We did not really see anything new in the expendables that was significantly different from what we have (no really cool neat features).  We did talk to some nice folks as we were looking at different trailers.

Just a little more snow…

It seems like the latest storm will spare us a big dumping of fresh snow.  There was talk of 4+ inches of snow, but now it looks like we will be in the 1 – 3 Inch range.  It’s snowing out now, but there is not much accumulation at the current time.  It will be interesting to see what we wake up to in the morning!


I got this from

Blizzard #2 – The day after

The final total for this past event was 20” on top of the 27” we got on Saturday.  With the sun out, it’s really beautiful outside and the snow is almost “sculpted” from the wind in areas.

Snow Fall Amounts (Final)

We worked a bit this morning on getting a hole for at leas tone car to make it out of the drive way…. the snow plow is supposed to do curb to curb, but he’s about three feed short of the curb on my side of the road which means that I’ve got to dig all that out if I want to go anyplace or get my mail.   I’m not complaining, I think they did a good job given all the factors… it’s just a wee bit more work


So, the next storm coming out of Texas is now on desk for Sunday / Monday or Monday / Tuesday.  The thinking today is that this one will go further north and only drop single digit snow fall mounts.  But I’m not counting any chickens before there hatched… more to come, I’m sure.


By 6:30 PM we’ve got things looking a little better…. the sun did a nice job on any paved areas that were exposed.  Below is a panoramic shot of the street (looking both ways) in front of the house.


It’s really hard to get the scale of all this snow and put it in perspective (it’s all so darn white).  The first picture below is what the plow through in front of the house… we dug that out my friends (by hand) in order to get the driveway opened up.  You can see that where the pavement is exposed, it’s melting pretty good.  Next is a winter time stop sign… just so you get the idea.  Now the bottom two pictures are in the shopping center parking lot right by the house.  I’m sitting in the truck so I’m up high looking down a bit… you can see the snow plowed snow is taller than most cars and shop windows.  This is pretty impressive type stuff.  

 DSCN2298 DSCN2321

DSCN2319 DSCN2320

I’ve got a feeling that the real fun will be on Monday… when the Presidents Day storm is expected to hit are area…. they are already talking about 4 + inches.  As it gets closer they will have a better idea on snow totals….. I’m really looking forward to Camping Season!