Interesting Acoustic Artist

Last night while surfing the internet I ran across this very interesting acoustic artist, from Anchorage, Alaska…. I really like her sound.  Check out her website and see what you think.


Busy Weekend and snow

Yesterday morning I help the neighbor cut up and hall off a tree that had fallen down in their back yard.  The tree was about a 30 – 40 foot tree and the small branches are still over in their back yard.   At 17 degrees it was kind of cold to be outside for a real long time.  We started at about 9:30 and finished around noon.  The tree was a box elder, had had some really cool red spots inside the wood (I think they are knots in the wood).  Most of the big parts of the trunk are behind the limb wood that are stacked under my deck.

 DSCN2145 DSCN2146

Right as we finished up with the tree it started to snow… while we were not supposed to get any snow, we ended up with an inch or two of snow that fell between between noon and 5 PM.  The roads got really bad quickly last night… I think we got caught by surprise… since this much snow is usually not a big deal.  At 2 PM I stopped by and help make some sign boards for the band indoor show next weekend and then we got some flyers printed for the band bingo tonight.  While the snow is beautiful today… it was less than pretty yesterday.  Below is the associated news story about the 26 accidents that happened between the 6 mile stretch fro the Glen Rock Exit on I-83 to the Maryland State Line


Multiple Accidents Along Interstate 83 in York County Snarl Traffic and Hurt People

Chalazion Surgery Reprieve

When I saw the Ophthalmologist in December, he felt that we would be doing the removal surgery today…. and I’ve been very apprehensive all day today.  When he examined my Chalazion’s today he seemed to think that I’m making progress with the Chalazion in my left eye (which is reversed in the pictures below)  and it was getting smaller (this is in the upper eye lid 3/4 the away across).  In November, it was large enough that I could see the Chalazion in my peripheral vision.

However, the one in my right eye on the lower eye lid is not shrinking and had gotten slightly larger.  He said that if he were going to remove one today, that would be the one he would go after.  We talked about how I was doing my compresses (I always do the left eye first and then move to the right) and he suggested that If I wanted to wait a couple of months and try doing the right eye first while the compress is hotter, that he thought that would be ok.  But if it was not better in March that he would recommend removing it then…. but I had the option to remove it today if I wanted too.  So long story short, I decided to put it off until March to see if I could get it to shirk on its own like the other eye did.  

While I have to admit that this surgery is probably just not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.  I’m just not too excited at all to go back and do the whole remove thing again if there is any way possible to avoid it!

Image002  Image000

Band Work Day

We went out and took apart the field props from the marching band season and put them up in the bands garage area.  Bethany was working on the props for the indoor season.  We were able to re-use some of the ones from last year and then add some additional panels.  I think it’s going to take them some time to paint all the scenery on them!

Spandau Ballet can be good music to work to…..

Doing application upgrades tonight for one of our internal systems…

Battle of the Bands

Last night the high school had a Battle of the Bands.  It was a good time, they had five bands that played and about 125 people attended.  As you can guess, there are some interesting characters that show up at these events… One fellow looked very much like Elvis Costello!

It was a fun evening!


Anna and Kyle have their picture in Tulsa World Today

Anna sent me a text that she and Kyle appeared in a story in the Tulsa World (complete with Picture) today.  The story was about the new Wi-Fi system that they’ve installed at the Airport.  She and Kyle were on-line while waiting for Mason to pick them up yesterday.