Fort Worth Stockyards

We took a drove over to the Fort Worth Stockyards only to find most things closed… it was very disappointing.  We took one of our nieces and a nephew over to walk around.  We did get some pictures but that was about it.  We drove downtown Ft. Worth to see the lights and then drove over to where Justin Industries and Acme Brick used to be on 7th street.  I was amazed to see that the buildings were gone!   That part of Ft. Worth has really changed since I worked there in the late 80’s.

Day 1 – Cotton Bowl Activities

This morning we had our second Christmas with Mason


After Christmas, we had breakfast and then ran Anna over to Standridge Stadium where the OSU band was going to practice for the Cotton Bowl performance. 




Fun and Games

We had lunch today for lunch in Fort Worth.  My brother’s Mother In-Law is a chef there and she took care of us with a fabulous meal…  Most of us had one of the lunch special Bento Box (they have four versions) but it’s a sampler of various items.  I also ordered a California Roll and shared with them with the nieces and nephews.  If you are in Fort Worth, I would highly recommend going to SUSHI YOKO for lunch or dinner.  The atmosphere was nice and the food was great!


We left the restaurant as the snow as starting to fall.  The kids all went back to Mike and Mika’s house and Mike and I drove through downtown Fort Worth on the way out to the airport to get Mason.  My how Fort Worth has changed the last 15 years.  I was amazed at all the apartments / condos on the west side of downtown.  We waited outside the airport for Mason to call and let us know he’d landed.  When we entered the person at the tool booth wanted to know what state our license plate was from.  There were signs on the booths about the heightened alert (I guess because of the Christmas Day incident in Detroit).

DSCN1711 DSCN1712

After we picked up Mason, we went back to Mike’s house and played games and had some pizza.

When we left at about 9:30 PM, it was still snowing.  Mike’s house looks really nice in the snow.


DSCN1726 Stitch

A Drive around Lake Grapevine

This afternoon we took a drive over to Lake …. I wanted to take a look at a couple of the Corps of Engineers campgrounds over near Flower Mound that we used to camp at when we lived in TX.  We drove around the north side of the lake only to find out that the road ways that I used to remember aren’t there any more.  We tried to get around to the park but ran into a neighborhood.  I think we were close because we ran into the gates that marked the Corps property, but the road looked like it had not been used in some time.  We drove a bit longer but did not have much success at finding the park entrance.  As we drove back by the Dam I pulled into on of the day parks (now run by the City of Grapevine, TX) and the lady there told me that the other two parks were run by the folks that run the marina and they closed them unexpectedly in the middle of the summer and they were not in operation any longer.   She said that the City of Flower Mound might look at them at some point but for the time being they were just closed (and not on her maps).  She let us drive through and look at the picnic areas (there were a number of folks hiking / picnicking / fishing).  For December, it was a really nice day.

Then we drove around to which is also run by the City of Grapevine, TX.  What a nice campground.  They have shaded, full sun, on the water sites to pick from with all the amenities.  It would be a nice place to come in the future for a visit.

After getting back from the lake, we had dinner and then had our TX Christmas with the nieces and nephews.  It was a good time.  We called my brother in-law (at the hospital) and put him on the speaker phone during the activities so he could be a part of the festivities.  Afterwards, we ran up to the hospital with some deviled eggs, cheese cake, and some gifts for him.

Texas Vineyards

This morning we went into and visited a couple of Vineyards.  Downtown is really a neat place… I’d like to go back and walk around one afternoon.  We went to and did a wine tasting.  I ended up purchasing several bottles…. then we went over to and looked at some wines there.  Homestead is run out of a small house that has all kinds of writing on the walls from different visitors… it’s a very friendly place and we had a good time.  Delaney was a bit more upscale and more business like.





A day at home

I spent the day at home visiting for the most part…. the girls went shopping for the day with friends and seemed to have a good time.  We stepped out visit my brother in-law and then came back for dinner.  After dinner my sister and her kids stopped by to visit.

An evening with my brother’s family

On the morning of the 26th, we found out that my brother in-law was put in the hospital on Christmas Day (or early the next morning) with a staff infection that came on very quick and really was causing him issues.  We went over to visit him in the hospital after we got up the next day.  On the way out of the hospital we saw some neat door covers:

Image005 Image004


After our visit with him, we drove over to my brothers house in Keller, TX to visit his family.  We had a great time with his kids.  The two youngest (Sean and Bret) don’t like their picture taken and were making it a challenge to get some snaps… but I prevailed!


At the end of the evening…. there was a great nerf gun battle.