A nice day outside

Today it was really nice here in PA.  It was in the 60’s here and I mowed the lawn (hopefully for the last time this year) and then did some work around the house.  While I was mowing, there was a Cessna 172 flying really slow around the area.  I don’t know if they were practicing or taking pictures but they were there for about 20 min.

I needed to check on a letterbox (Love Letter) and replace the box.  I had a report that the inside of the box was really wet.  When I checked on it the log book was soaked.  The person that reported it, replaced all the plastic bags and tried to dry  it out, but it was more than just damp.   I replaced the box and put a new log book in the box so it should be good for a while.  After doing the box repair, I went back out to the airport and enjoyed the late afternoon weather and watched the planes come an go for a couple of hours.   I could do that all day!!!!

There were a couple of ultra lights that flew in from the grass field in Stewartstown () which is practically in Shrewsbury right off I-83.  It was really cool to see these little planes drop in and taxi up to the restaurant.  I was amazed that when they parked them and got out, the front wheel came off the ground and the plane rested on the tail skid.


After I got home, I ran out to the store and got some Italian Sweet Sausage and a pound of ground beef to make spaghetti.  I browned the meant and used some Creole seasoning to spice it up before adding my sauce to the mix. I really like this kind of spaghetti sauce (more meat than sauce.


Sad Day for the Oklahoma State Cowboys

I ran out to the York Airport () with my neighbor and had breakfast.  We were hoping to watch the planes come and go, but the wind was keeping the planes on the ground.  I got home just in time to watch the football game…. it was a sad, sad thing.  We got blown out by the OU Sooners 0-27…. it’s sad when a 12th place team gets beaten by an unranked team and the fact that it was OU just made it that much worse.  

During the game, the dog stretched out in front of the fireplace…. this looks like the life doesn’t it?



Office Hawk

We had a hawk in the tree outside of the door last night.. the did not seem to be bothered by anyone coming in or out and allowed us to take some pictures.

Thanksgiving Dinner

After a long walk, I made myself a Thanksgiving Dinner of Leg of Lamb, Mash Potatoes, Carrots, and Mushrooms… and boy was it good!  I found a great recipe on the Food Network from Emeril Lagasse ().  I got one of my Dutch Ovens out and cooked it up in the oven…. and it was good!


A Thanksgiving Adventure

I drove over to Reading, PA today to check on some Letterboxes.  My Mystery box looked like it was in good shape.  The dog and I had a great walk by the creek and enjoyed the views.  We were gone most of the day but had a nice time.   The morning started out very foggy… I don’t know why, but I really enjoy a foggy fall day.  By the afternoon it was mainly overcast, but pleasant.


Thanksgiving 2009 024 Stitch 


The box was in good shape, but only 4 visitors since it was planted in 2006.  It’s such a nice walk… and I really don’t think the clues are too hard… but if your reading this… this is what you are looking for!

Thanksgiving 2009 023


Shopping for Chairs

Last week we went over to Lancaster to do a little shopping.  We wanted to get some candy at which is really good stuff.  We typically buy about $75 – $100 worth of candy at Christmas time.  We also went over and got some other gifts at various places around Lancaster.  We stopped at several Antique shops looking for Chairs for Anna.  We didn’t find one, but the colors are pretty….



Thanksgiving 2009 008 

Talking about YouTube – Ok State Band 70s show